Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Before The Trip to South New Zealand

Before The Trip to South New Zealand!

 Visiting New Zealand on spring was the best idea that we ever made! We get to see the winter vibes, summer vibes and spring vibes obviously! Everything happens naturally and unexpectedly, that's what I love the most about new zealand to sums it all. It was the best country that I'd love to visit again, again and again.

 Based on our plans, We're supposed to visit Korea again instead of New Zealand, but we changed our mind! For no exact reason, we just did! It was me who convinced ''each other'' ( because it was also me who wanted to visit Korea again ) but then, I thought we should just visit another country since we both were so busy lately, we won't be able to travel together at the moment. It'd be a good idea for us to experience new things to spice up things? lol.

Also, since I have graduated, I would not be as busy as I was (but still have things to do, ofc). I have finally got the time or the motivation to start blogging again. I believe you know why I mention this. lol. And, We do have several destinations on our list recently. So, catch up y'all! <3

 We spend two amazing weeks at South New Zealand, we visited many cities. We meet and make new friends. This trip was the best trip we had so far, maybe it's because we've been more comfortable with each other and experienced. So, we knew what and how to do.

 We did amazing activities, like skydiving and neviz swing on Queenstown. We also visited the amazing Nugget Point! and other beautiful places.

 At first, We transit to Sydney, Australia. We had 12 hours to stroll around the city, We went to The Opera House and Sydney Fish Market.

 It was around 7 am in the morning, so we decided to visit Sydney Fish Market to have our breakfast. First Impression about the city in the morning was, calm and peaceful. I don't know much about the city of course, but when we were on our way to the Sydney Fish Market, It was still early in the morning. And It was so peaceful and quiet to us. Everyone we meet was friendly and helpful.

 We were kind of sleepy, but excited at the same time. After we had our breakfast we continue our journey to the opera house.
 First Impression? Wow.
 Not sure whether it's because our first time being there or it just wow. We both love the ambience, it was such a good impression we have had about Sydney, Australia.
 After strolling around, snap pictures and videos, we head back to the airport and catch our flight.

 Here's the Link to our short Sydney, Australia's escape, transit or ''you name it'' trip video on our youtube chanel ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHFblrsbXsA&t=29s

I'll update another post about our new zealand trip soon! Catch up, ok! Cheers!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018



I lost my vlogs videos and pictures which made me so unmotivated to update my vlogs and blogs. I know It's so late to post it now, But better late than never eh.

 We really enjoyed our trip to Korea, Everything was so fine there. The environments, foods, etc.
Visit our youtube channel to watch our vlogs ; www.youtube.com/anniejunita














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