Friday, August 4, 2017

Our 4th Birthday Celebration

Annie's Birthday ( 13 June 2017 )

I will never forget how I celebrated my 21st birthday this year. I celebrated it 3 times this year, with Hans, family and friends. (I posted the activities on my Instagram)

I had my birthday celebration with Hans earlier, since it was impossible for us to celebrate it on due date because of the weather and seasons in Dubai.

We decided to do a skydiving in Dubai, we had been wanting to do it since last year. Also, a private desert tour, riding a camel for 45 minutes and etc. What could be better than that... I love it too much, I am still feeling the vibes until today. I love Dubai.

 Thank you for being the best companion on the best birthday trip that I ever had, Hans. I never expected that I am going to have my 21st birthday this way, I am so grateful than I could ever adequately express how I feel about my birthday this year.

At first, I was totally scared. It was beyond my imagination to jump off an airplane.... I believe that you will feel as nervous as I did when It was your first time.
But things changed when I saw the Palm Jumeirah from the plane windows. It was so beautiful that I was so ready to jump off!! I was too excited! All of my thoughts and fear has gone! POOF!

While the others seems to getting more nervous, I was so energic that I get up a few times as if I was the first to jump off the plane, while I was the third!
 I was so on fire! but when it came to my turn, and I was about to jump, I was a little bit nervous, and realize that there's no turning back, and I can't imagine I was about to jump! Like attempting suicide, regret it, but it's too late because you slipped and die! So, my tandem instructor jumped! It means I jumped! I screamed! But happily! I'm still alive!! so It's time to enjoy the moments on the air instead of worrying too much!

The free-fall was like 1 minute, and
 I'M ALIVE AND THIS IS TOO BEAUTIFUL!! that was what I'm thinking on the air! AMAZING...

 The views down there.... Heaven! My tandem instructor and I had a chit chat on the air, he showed me around, oh I can't describe all the things that happened on the sky. I saw everything! It was like 5 minutes or more, I'm not sure but it feels longer like 5 to 7 minutes before I touched down. So peaceful, so beautiful, I teared up a bit up there, because I felt euphoric!! I was filled with euphoria, and If there's a sad or classical music playing up there. I'm pretty sure that I will definitely cry like a baby! It's too beautiful.. This is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah. You are not consider as coming to Dubai without doing a skydive! It is the best skydive place on the earth!

 I saw everything...! I would definitely do this again! I was flying, I was on the air! I sawwwww everything!! Soooooo happy........ please do try the skydiving if you are going to visit Dubai. You will definitely know what I meant and how I felt. That moment will lasts forever.

 Besides the skydiving, I had so many good times in Dubai. Like, everything is perfect. Something definitely new and uncommon things that I was experiencing. I was so happy, for the very first time, I was feeling full. I was filled with euphoria every-day that I spent there. I still have a lot of things that I wanted to do in Dubai, and I can't wait, while I should, to come back to Dubai!

Watch my skydiving videos, on my Youtube Channel by SKYDIVE DUBAI ANNIE JUNITA's SKYDIVING
 And his skydiving videos; HANS' SKYDIVING 
He was totally nervous, freaked out, pale! notice his short breath every time he spoke! lol. But He loved it! It just his facial expressions were too precious! make sure to watch our videos by clicking at our names above!

 Hans' Birthday ( 23 July 2017 )

 This is my very first time celebrating my birthday trip, abroad. I was really excited about my birthday trip to Korea, both of us visited korea before. We both know and missed korea a lot, especially the foods there! But I was so worried about our travel itinerary because we didn't plan a lot. Annie suggested that we get lost and do an unexpected journey at Seoul.

 At first, I worried a lot about her, I'm afraid that she will not enjoy the trip because we didn't plan much. But, things turned out to be fantastic! It was the funniest trip that we ever had! Everything happened unexpectedly, every day!

 We really got lost in Seoul! We eat a lot everyday, we shop a lot, we played a lot! Annie is not a big fan of meat, she prefers vegetables but in Korea, she definitely eats more meat than I do.

 We also met kind-hearted people who helped us a few times, and as not all korean people major in speaking English and Mandarin, There're a few times we tried to communicate with pointing and body language! for examples; I accidentally paid our restaurant's bill with Indonesian Rupiah, and we also saw two demonstrations that happened in Seoul and Busan.

 The only thing that we regret the most on my Birthday trip is, we thought that not more than 2 weeks trip was enough! Definitely not enough! Sometimes I'm not sure whether the trip that was not enough or being together with her that was not enough because we're still in a long distance relationship.

 We agreed that we will come back again, honestly all the places we had been so far, We planned on coming back again! We had the best times every where we go, and that's a good thing.

 But this time a trip to Korea with her, was the best! I'm glad that she decided to get lost and didn't plan much. It turned out to be the best moment in my life, I had the best birthday trip!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trip to Dubai | Burj Khalifa | Al Barsha #4

 Burj Khalifa

 At The Top, Burj Khalifa

 In order to enter the Burj Khalifa, We need to visit the Dubai Mall. The entrance is located on the Ground Floor in The Dubai Mall.

We booked the tickets '' At The Top , Burj Khalifa " on prime hours for 200 aed per person online. It costs more for prime hours and It's more crowded on prime hours but worth it! You can come earlier to avoid a very long queue.

 We arrived 30 minutes earlier and we didn't queue at all. But things were different when we walked out from the Burj Khalifa! It was a very very long queue! we were shocked, It was like an endless train of people queueing to enter the Burj Khalifa.

 I think It's more recommended for you to book it online, since It's very convenient and easy to claim your tickets and just straight walk in to the entrance gate! note that your lighter and knifes if you bring one, will not allowed to bring in, so They will keep them for you.

 We were so so excited and nervous by the tallest building in the world, like we're finally inside!! We walk through halls and get on the lift that has so many stories and histories of the building. Watch our vlogs At The Top, Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Fountain from the top at Burj Khalifa

 It took us approximately 1/2 minutes to reach the top ( 125th floor ), If I am not mistaken.
The views at the top's so amazing! Breathtaking! especially on the observation deck, It's so stunning! You can't visit dubai without visiting this place! I mean, why not???
 There are souvenir stands/stalls/store at the top, We bought some chocolates, or should I say a lot of chocolates, and souvenirs! I love everything about Burj Khalifa! We spent around 2 hours at the top, our legs were tired, so we decided to leave and pick a restaurant/cafe around the Dubai Fountain.

 When we went in to the lift, the staff told us not to use our flashlight while taking the video and pictures inside the lift. but apparently there are some visitors cannot understand english so when the videos going on inside the lift, the flashlight keep coming out and we barely can watch the video, it's so frustrating. When the lift going up, you can feel the pressure in your ear and starting to pain, because it was so fast, it took us approximately only one minute to reach the observation deck at 124th floor ( 452 Meters ). when we reach the 124th floor, we are so amazed by the view. you can almost see everything of the Dubai City from this floor. we really enjoyed the view, took some photos, and vlogging.

 We went to The Dubai Fountain, It was so crowded! we took photos and vlogging , suddenly the dubai fountain show started! We keep on coming back to the Dubai Fountain after that day! We came back to watch the shows the next day and the other day! so, We saw The Dubai Fountain shows at noon ( the first show ) and ( the last show ) midnight on different days! will never get bored of the Dubai Fountain SHOW!! Watch more at ( )

Youtube Link : At the Top, Burj Khalifa
                         The Dubai Fountain