Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MOTOGP TRIP ( Sepang, Malaysia and Valencia, Spain) PART 1

Trip to MotoGP in Sepang, Malaysia.

 The reason I went to Malaysia even when I was on my hectic schedule, is because I LOVE VR46! Valentino Rossi. He is so... I would replace the "Hot" word, with Awesome! 
  I was so excited, even though the trip was not as perfect as I thought it would be. What? some of impolite people, selfish, Rossi didn't win, et cetera et cetera. 

 Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the show! It just.. Which part should I start to explain first? 

 I revise this article 4 times, just because I was emotional every time I think about how annoying some people on the Motogp Circuit at that time. :)

 Everyone paid the same price for the motogp tickets, mine was from gate 1 - 3. People are allowed to sit and wander around on the main gate from 1 to 3, and when I got there, It was so hot and then It just started to rain. BAD WEATHER. but I don't mind, because what I pissed off about was, the people there took other people's seats! Each person would try to sat on two seats, one for their annoying person and the other for their bags? their water bottles? their shoes or whatever it is! and when you actually came to them and just before you speak up, they will tell you ''Oh, It's taken'' , no smile no nothing. 


 I didn't approach anyone, since I saw so many people tried to approach those people who has no feelings. They're so cold, ice cold. It was like  either we did something wrong to them or asking for money , so they got the rights to ignore you. Really?? 
 Let say you were so excited and wanted to enjoy the moment to the fullest, so what makes you think we are different? We came to the circuit for the same reason, bro!

 I was really aware and try not to disturb other people's privacy, so I didn't take a lot of pictures.

 There was like 1000 people or maybe more, standing, I believe. Because on my gate, there are like 100 people standing and It increased to 150-200 when the motogp started. People started to sit on the stairs lol.
Somehow, It's sad. We didn't expect to come here each year, what about people that save up their money for the tickets? sigh.

People also can be so impolite there, slacking too much while you know that other people are struggling to stand on their position, is a bad thing to do, nor pushing other people, keep talking loudly or whipping your hair over someone else's face? You guys need a counselor :)

Sorry for rambling, but I am going to start telling the story in more proper way now. lol


 I went to the circuit on Sunday (I skipped the saturday). At first, It was really hot and then It started to rain. The weather changed every 1 or 2 hours. We got stuck by a very long traffic jam, and when we got there we have to walk for 10 minutes before we arrived the Entrance. I am talking about the entrance of the place, not the gate yet. (not sure what the place called, but it was very hot and a long annoying walk 'till we get into the entrance and gate entrance. People pushing each other, no straight line for queue.) Then you will have to walk another 15 minutes to the gate entrance, you will walk through so many stalls and distraction there. Beautiful attractive models, loud musics, DJ, etc. 
 I just walk through them all, because it was really hot. I didn't apply any sunblocks at that time. I was trying to avoid getting burn. P.S i also need to pee after 3-hours journey stuck on the traffic jam

I went straight to the toilet after entering the gate entrance, I have to queue again of course. There were so many people everywhere. It excites me to see so many people wandering around, and It would have be fun if the weather was friendly and the people were not so impolite nor selfish, :(

I bought an ice cream and drinks, and I started to watch the show just before the moto2 started. So, When I arrived, there were no more seats left. Technically speaking, I stood for too many hours that I cant count or imagine I did it. My feet do hurt on the next day, But it still worth it as long as it'd never happen again. 

About the show, It was Fun! 

I cannot describe how cool it was to see it live, The intensity is real. lol


People cheered and boo! To be honest, That part was really funny. 

 They were having fun, they boo on marquez everytime the Tv screen shows his face or his supporters. And they cheer whenever it was Rossi. Somehow it's fun to see how they actually react on everything. I can tell that they are VR46 die hard fans.

 When It started to rain heavily, the show gets more intense. Rossi looks so cool even from distance. The show is really worth to see. Nothing much I can describe because It was really Indescribable fun and cool! I do posted videos about the funny moments, check it out on my Instagram : Annie Junita. I would do a collage videos and upload it on the youtube later.

Trip to MotoGP in Valencia, Spain

To be continued...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shang-Ri La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang

   Shang-Ri La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang

Favorite picture taken by myself ❤

Shang-Ri La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa is located in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. This phenomenal hotel has a perfect ambience, It makes me feel like I stayed in somewhere else instead of Penang. I felt like I was lost in a very peaceful place, It's a perfect place to spend quality times with family, relax and find peace! I believe whoever stayed this hotel will definitely come back. I can't wait for another stay at here!

The interior seems to be designed in traditional nuance, rather than modern. I wouldn't say it's outdated because I really love it this way. A very spacious place to relax, gardens, nice pools, lovely sea views, comfortable rooms, clean and nice bathroom. What else I could mention? I fell in love with this resort.


Compared to the other resorts, this resort is really the most calm resort I've ever been to. Mature people tend to relax on this resort, tanning, reading books, even sleeping ( just like we did ). If you love to meditate, this place'd be the right and perfect place for you.

I will just skip for mentioning their many facilities, you can just visit their website on http://www.shangri-la.com/penang/rasasayangresort/

We spent day and night here, instead of outside the resort. We had our breakfast at the Spice Market, There're many different types of delicious cuisines offered, also supper in the room.

We love love love this resort, We also spent a night on the FIP lounge with our friends. Listening to the live band music, playing chess and billiard. What we found unforgettable and really amazed with is the perfect ambience. I really love how the sun kissed me on this place, I really wish to come back soon. This place is a must visit whenever you visit Penang! <3

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mini getaway to Penang, Malaysia ( Part II )


 Hans and I went to the Island Hospital for his Medical Checkup. This is our first time and we were a bit confused, The hospital's so crowded even at 7 am in the morning. We tried to blend in as if we knew what to do, but then a lady approached us and ask whether we've been here before or this's the first time. Then she gave us the queue number. Their staffs are really friendly and helpful.

 It took almost 4 hours to do the medical checkup, we were so starving and tired. I was waiting for Hans and scared by my own. Why does it took a long time... almost 4 hours.. does this happen all the time? 
 We have our brunch around 11 am at the hospital canteen. The food tasted fine because we're hungry! We're sure an eating machine, we ate literally everything when we're starved! Rawr!! After that, we went back to the hotel and took a long long nap. 

 After we woke up, We went to the Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul to freshen up. IT'S SO CROWDED. IT'S A LONG QUEUE. Luckily the acek's hand is so pro! he served very quick! Everyone's eating while standing at the side of the road. The Chendul tasted sooooo good. Perhaps the best chendul I ever had. because I dislike chendul but this one is so goooood. Worth a try and will come back for this acek!

 After that we went to the Char Kway Teow on the Siam Road, AGAIN. LONG QUEUE! TOO LONG! half an hour standing, half an hour sitting before I finally got to taste the best char kway teow I ever ever ever ate!! SO Delicious! perfect! I wish to order it again but then I have to start a long way queue again? sure it'll be worth it but maybe not this time! But I'll sure come back for this delicious kway teow! You guys should try this one! definitely worth it! Or am I the last to know this famous place? 

 After that we headed to ( south? north? east? west? ) I can't read maps,gps,etc. I had no idea. :(

so I just rest on my most comfort zone.
 It was 1,2 hours journey to the Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Seafood. This place is fine, it is located at the beach side, with a simple decoration. Sea breeze baby! is it a sea? or just a lake? idk. lol. The water is not so clean, and there're just a few mini boats parked. 

  The foods here are truly delicious! Everything was well cooked especially the chicken, the satay and the shrimps! the vegetables are nicely crunchy, the fish is really yummy! The bones are edible they said, It's flavored too! delicious! and just like that, I started to love Penang! 

    Then we continued our journey, We went to the Bukit Bendera Penang hill, We chose to go up the hill by train, It costs around 30 RM each person for foreigns. It's quite interesting inside the train, we really go high! up and up! yihaaa! 

 When we arrived up there, we can almost see all of the Penang city, It was around 7-8 pm! remember I told the day before that we decided to visit this place earlier? It's just really an excuse because we can't wait to visit straits quay! 
 Luckily we didn't make it earlier! Because, I think the view is better at night! beautiful! because I love peace! I found it so peace and romantic.

 This place will be so different in the morning and afternoon, more food stalls, activities to do, and etc! So, maybe if you're willing, you can chose to spend the whole day and night here? But me personally, I didn't regret to visit this place at night. I still get to see the scenic views with Hans. 

 We strolled around, there're bars, restaurants, and a museum. didn't take any pictures, We're again too enjoying the moment! There is also a love lock bridge, no intention to buy any love lock even though it's closed. lol. but we were reminded to take a picture on the love statue by our friends. so yeah here we're !

    After that, We were supposed to went directly back to our hotel. But then our friends decided to chill out. Wait, what? It's not an option, they drove. So, We're in!

  I was given the chance to chose the place, so I was the one that randomly picked the place. I was expecting a more comfortable place, not too loud. so, I chose a place named The Bank LiveHouse Pub, and apparently We came into the perfect place for me which's a big turn off to our friends because almost all of the people there are the middle age people. We decided not to drink too much because we still need to get up early the next day. 

 This place is really cute, The DJ mixed all the old songs that I didn't even know what the songs name. The only song I knew was '' The moon represents my heart - Teresa Teng '' OMG! We can't stop laughing on every songs played. Until, the local band started to perform. They're being so nice to me! Maybe it's because I'm the youngest there? odd. One of the vocalist pointed at me and called me a beautiful lady from the stage! Everyone looked up to me and cheers! I felt really shy, we also requested a song and leave the pub around 11 pm.

 After we left, just before we headed back to the hotel. Our stomach growled, so we decided to have a quick supper. Believe me, I never regret supper! It's such a pleasure for me. Because everything is just so so so delicious! I've fell in love with the kway teow in Penang!