Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trip to Dubai | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha #3

 Trip to Dubai | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha #3

 Mall Of The Emirates ( DUBAI VLOG #3 | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha  )

 Who build an indoor ski resort and snow park in the middle of desert? here comes the first Middle East's indoor ski resort and snow park. 500 seats capacity Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, Magic planet and one of the largest indoor family entertainment centre in Dubai.


We always had a great morning. We had our breakfast at the same place for 4 days, at Eat and Drink Flora al Barsha. The owner is really friendly and lovely towards us, we always had a good laugh and chit chat every morning . It was a super best service from him! If you ever visit the eat and drink at Al Barsha, around Flora Al Barsha! Don't forget to visit this place, the food is good, especially the Mutton soup! I love it so much!!! so yum!!! 

 After we had our breakfast, we went to the mall of emirates. The first time we reached the mall of emirates, It was a wow! The stupid thing is our right side was exactly The Dubai Ski, but we were so excited that we walk straight to the left without seeing around. We have forgotten about the Dubai Ski until we're about to walk back to our hotel and we were shocked! the Dubai Ski was just on the right side from our entrance door! We enter the Mall from The kempinski hotel.

 We had a good time, we shop for a few goods. And I was looking for the bags and sunglasses too that I was looking before at Singapore, sold out and blah blah. But, It didn't upset me at all since I was distracted a lot by the moments we had in the mall. And yeah, the Dior lip tattoo launched but they only have 4 color options, so I only pick one of them. And, all of us do know that the full color options launched in Korea, and I am over excited that my next destination is on POINT!! I will be coming back to Korea this summer! which is on his birthday! I want to try everything, literally everything at the Mall of Emirates! 

 Also, I got a lot of compliments on my silver chrome nails since I was at Singapore, girls are so flirty with my nails lol. I love them too! 

 Watch our DUBAI VLOG #3 | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha  ( leave comments,subscribe and click thumbs up if you love it! )

 I love Dubai! After 4 hours stroll at the mall, we went back to our hotel. We decided to spend our free time at the Gym and the cafe at our hotel. 

 So, did we really spend our time at the gym? I did! 5 minutes playing and 15 minutes chit chatting with people and 5 minutes vlogging and we're out! ( DUBAI VLOG #3 | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha  )

 We spent the night at the cafe for 1 hour, actually hans was using the business centre and it was located on the cafe's corner. The scent of the famous Jamaican coffee was all over my nose, so we decided to have a cup of coffee, and we stroll around our hotel at night. We went to the ZOOM, to buy groceries. We didn't realize the prices in ZOOM is considered standard to expensive, since It was our first time went to groceries, I bought not so many things. snacks and chocolate dates that cost us around 800 uae dirhams. It was only 4 premium chocolate dates and 6 bags of their local snacks. and If you ever visiting the ZOOM, note that most of the things in ZOOM didn't show their price tag.
( I would do better next time, I didn't took a lot of pictures because I forgot, I posted on my instagram stories instead and It's gone after 24 hours, POOF! sorryyyy ) check out my instagram to keep you the latest update of my life at Annie Junita

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trip to Dubai | The Jetty Lounge | Dubai Marina Walk. #1

We arrived Dubai around 5 am ,
We couldn't sleep well while on a flight and also for Annie, She was running a fever, and cold. I was really worried that she might not get better soon, even though she managed herself so well. We were so excited, exhausted and really really sleepy when we arrived Dubai's airport. We went to money changers to exchange USD to Dirham, it took an hour because we need to queue. After that we decided to have a seat at COSTA, before we finally decided to go to our hotel.

  We were kind of confused at first, but when we reached the taxi counter, they recommend us a VIP female drivers. She is really friendly and lovely! I am so happy to meet her and get to know about Dubai from her. The moment we left the airport, we were stunned by the buildings! Annie and I are over excited! Even though, Annie was sick, she was so excited! The power of excitement!

 We finally arrived our hotel ( Hotel Flora Al Barsha ) around 8-9 am, Hoping that there was a chance we could check-in earlier. But turned out we couldn't and we have to wait with dying mode at the lobby, but luckily they let us check-in around 11 am which was great, Thanks to Flora Al Barsha! 

 Flora Al Barsha

 The hotel we stayed in is a 4 stars hotel, it's a very convenient and nice hotel. If you are looking for a hotel to stay in Dubai with a reasonable price, This hotel is a must stay! It's only 2 minutes walk away from The Mall Of The Emirates. And if you are willing to run, you will reach the Mall within 30s to 1 minute, Depends on how fast you run. :) 
You can peek the hotel room situation on our vlog :

 We rest and took a long nap until 4pm , Luckily, Thank god, Allhamdulillah, Annie got a lot better after it. 

 We decided to go to a place where we could chill and rest, so I took her to the Jetty Lounge at One and Only Mirage hotel and Resort to freshen up our body and mind. After we got there, I got to say the place is really beautiful, the resort, the beach, the lounge and especially the view. We sat at the beach side, enjoying the sunset, the sea breeze.

 It was kind of windy that day, It's a perfect weather for us to enjoy the ambience. We had our quick dinner, I forget the name, but it's a combination of three types fish, the octopus, salmon and tuna fish.

 They tasted delicious! It was flavored in unique ways that I've never tasted before. The waiters also provided a very very good service, They take a good care of us, We were really satisfied and told the waiter that we love everything about this place, food, ambience. The waiter then told us about the food that we ordered were just improved, they didn't serve it this way before, and yes It sure was delicious than before. Everything was perfect! The Jetty Lounge really made us happy, and have a good time, I chose the right place for us that made us forget everything about life at the moment,

 After we spent a good evening at the Jetty Lounge, we went to the Dubai Marina Walk. We strolled around for awhile, had some fun, took some photos, and vlogging! The place is really nice, there are so many boats and cruises parked around the Marina, you can rent some of it with a good price.

 I asked Annie whether she wants to rent a boat or anything going on with the sea, but she said she was too tired for that and wanted to stroll around and leave earlier. I was kind of worry about her fever running wild again, and I was kind of tired after walking around the endless Marina walk that goes round, so we did leave earlier.

But before we leave, We enjoyed the views! The skyscraper buildings, etc. We were sweating quite a lot, still exhausted after a long flight and Annie's hair messed up since we went to the beach lounge earlier, worried about her fever running wild, so we decided to skip the mall, skip the boat, skip the bars, no drinks for the night and head straight back to our hotel, BUT we had a quick dinner at the restaurant named EAT & DRINK before we end the day!

(Instead of taking pictures, we focused too much on taking videos on this trip, request for the videos, you can CONTACT US directly at the right side bar ( Contact Us ) on the blog website)

Also check out our DUBAI VLOG #2 | Dubai Marina Walk | One and Only Royal Mirage | Jetty Lounge 

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- Hans Alexander 
( posted by Annie )

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trip to Dubai, Transit to Singapore Changi Airport #1

Trip to Dubai

 We have planned to go to Dubai for skydives, desert tour, etc since last year but we thought it will be fun to do it after marriage for honeymoon. Then, we saw so many tempting advertising that made us cannot wait any longer, so we decided to go to Dubai on my birthday since we didn't have any plans yet for my birthday this year. So, we decided to book the ticket on June around 10 to 20. But, Dubai is on Ramadan / Ramadon starts from 26-27 May until 25 - 26 June and the weather is extremely hot. It was peak season of the summer, and most of their entertainment places closed during the Holy month which made us book our ticket to the City of Gold earlier, on May. We chose the best date and month to avoid our hectic schedules and finally we decided to start our trip on 9 may.

We transit to Singapore, before we finally catch our flight to Dubai.
We strolled around the city, and we make friends with a lot of people. We were so lucky to met a lot of friendly people! They're so lovely.

Our first stop? The Ippudo, located inside the Mandarin Orchard.
Hungry babies want to eat!



And we went to LV and Chanel boutiques, I was looking for my birthday present from myself and from him but none of what I wanted were on stocks! I even went to Dior to look for Dior Lip tattoo which they just launched but It was still unavailable at Singapore! what a life! The LV SA told me that what I was looking for is still so rare and limited, and the Chanel SA told me that what I was looking is no longer available worldwide! SOLD. THANKYOU :')
So, I was thinking is there any chances I will find what I want in Dubai? the percentages was too low.

Moving on,
We had our dinner at the airport, before we catch our flight to Dubai. We met nice people from different countries, Pakistan, UAE, Australia, we chat and laughed a lot!!! and make temporary best-friends!
 The Pakistan and UAE friends were our favorite!! We had the best time ever! love it! I miss them tho........
That's the moment  when we realized we're about to have the best time to spend on this trip!

 Visit our Dubai Vlog #1 at
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Our 3rd Birthday Celebration

Our 3rd Birthday Celebration ( Late Update )

Hello there! sorry for the late update. Hans and I are seriously on so many excuses for this past year. But, better late than never right? xoxo
Our Birthday Celebration is sure our favorite part of the year! so, Shall we just start the story telling? 

Annie's Birthday

 My, I have the best birthday celebration ever on 2016. It was my 20th Birthday!
not to mention the gifts I got from my parents and Hans. We also spent a quality time together, twice!
my birth date is in the middle between my older brother birth date and my papa's birth date! Which means it's a month full of love! 

 It was my 2nd brother's birthday celebration, we had our short trip to Malaysia for 4 days. 
But it was also secretly my chance to bought my birthday gifts! xoxo. 
the trip was all on my brother! Thanks for the treat, baby <3

 It was my parents, they allowed me to pick my birthday gift myself. Well, of course I gift myself my favorite thing, a purse! lol. Anyone probably has the same mind as I do at the first place (gotta pick the dream list thing!) but then, It was just in Malaysia. Nothing too much to expect, except I am willing to pay too much for a bag. Because I actually kind of regret that I purchased ''them'' in Malaysia by knowing my brother was going to Europe soon and even if my parents and Hans keep telling me not to mind at all, just because I am not selling any of ''those'' too. 

 So, It was the Miss Dior Promenade! A very lovely gift that made me spend 2 hours at Dior. I was caught in Dilemmas, I was about to pick up a small purse. short long story, The Miss Dior Promenade was the one that I crushed on. Luckily, I picked up the miss dior promenade, not the small diorama. I can't imagine how guilty I might be if I picked up a small diorama. Because It costs you 2 bags for 1 bag there. The Miss Dior Promenade only costs you around 1400 euros in Europe, and It costs you 9700++ rm :) #sorrynotsorry

 Meanwhile, Hans was about to bought me a Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Spring. I am into a mini backpack at that time! but it was Out of Stock, Too popular! I heard about it, that It was out of stock everywhere at that time. (It was obviously available at most of the time now)

 I told him that It was fine, I want nothing since it was out of stock. But he insisted, he walked me to the MCM. The color that I want also not available there, but then I was trying the cognac color. Cute! I love it, but I didn't say anything yet. I just asked him whether It's cute or not. Not even finish questioning yet, He asked the SA to wrap it up for us. OMG! Happy, shocked and confused at the same time.. But sooooo grateful! He loved me eh lol.
 The MCM costs friendly there, It costs around 500-600 usd in Korea, and It's 790 usd in Malaysia. It was totally fine.

 That was about my lovely birthday gifts that I love love love. Now, On my 20th Birthday!
  I feel so happy that I am turning 20, no longer -teen, Even I am still not legal to enter any Casinos yet. Lol

I had a lovely dinner with my family! Full Team! Papa, Mama, my 2 lovely brothers, and Hans 

That night was one of the best night that I had on 2016 ( Lost tons of my pictures )

Hans' Birthday

 We Celebrate Hans Birthday on Sushi Tei and privately this year. A sweet and simple celebration, because we were busy planning on road trip for days. I made him a cake that I cannot find the picture!! I lost it since My last phone died.
 Hans' birthday is only 2 days before my mom's birthday which is cute! lol. That's also the reason we simplified his birthday celebration this year during the busy road trip planning we had.

On July, we had a friends-family trip with his family. We went to Balige, North Sumatera in Indonesia. 

This place has a great view, and we spent great time there!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MOTOGP TRIP ( Sepang, Malaysia and Valencia, Spain) PART 1

Trip to MotoGP in Sepang, Malaysia.

 The reason I went to Malaysia even when I was on my hectic schedule, is because I LOVE VR46! Valentino Rossi. He is so... I would replace the "Hot" word, with Awesome! 
  I was so excited, even though the trip was not as perfect as I thought it would be. What? some of impolite people, selfish, Rossi didn't win, et cetera et cetera. 

 Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the show! It just.. Which part should I start to explain first? 

 I revise this article 4 times, just because I was emotional every time I think about how annoying some people on the Motogp Circuit at that time. :)

 Everyone paid the same price for the motogp tickets, mine was from gate 1 - 3. People are allowed to sit and wander around on the main gate from 1 to 3, and when I got there, It was so hot and then It just started to rain. BAD WEATHER. but I don't mind, because what I pissed off about was, the people there took other people's seats! Each person would try to sat on two seats, one for their annoying person and the other for their bags? their water bottles? their shoes or whatever it is! and when you actually came to them and just before you speak up, they will tell you ''Oh, It's taken'' , no smile no nothing. 


 I didn't approach anyone, since I saw so many people tried to approach those people who has no feelings. They're so cold, ice cold. It was like  either we did something wrong to them or asking for money , so they got the rights to ignore you. Really?? 
 Let say you were so excited and wanted to enjoy the moment to the fullest, so what makes you think we are different? We came to the circuit for the same reason, bro!

 I was really aware and try not to disturb other people's privacy, so I didn't take a lot of pictures.

 There was like 1000 people or maybe more, standing, I believe. Because on my gate, there are like 100 people standing and It increased to 150-200 when the motogp started. People started to sit on the stairs lol.
Somehow, It's sad. We didn't expect to come here each year, what about people that save up their money for the tickets? sigh.

People also can be so impolite there, slacking too much while you know that other people are struggling to stand on their position, is a bad thing to do, nor pushing other people, keep talking loudly or whipping your hair over someone else's face? You guys need a counselor :)

Sorry for rambling, but I am going to start telling the story in more proper way now. lol


 I went to the circuit on Sunday (I skipped the saturday). At first, It was really hot and then It started to rain. The weather changed every 1 or 2 hours. We got stuck by a very long traffic jam, and when we got there we have to walk for 10 minutes before we arrived the Entrance. I am talking about the entrance of the place, not the gate yet. (not sure what the place called, but it was very hot and a long annoying walk 'till we get into the entrance and gate entrance. People pushing each other, no straight line for queue.) Then you will have to walk another 15 minutes to the gate entrance, you will walk through so many stalls and distraction there. Beautiful attractive models, loud musics, DJ, etc. 
 I just walk through them all, because it was really hot. I didn't apply any sunblocks at that time. I was trying to avoid getting burn. P.S i also need to pee after 3-hours journey stuck on the traffic jam

I went straight to the toilet after entering the gate entrance, I have to queue again of course. There were so many people everywhere. It excites me to see so many people wandering around, and It would have be fun if the weather was friendly and the people were not so impolite nor selfish, :(

I bought an ice cream and drinks, and I started to watch the show just before the moto2 started. So, When I arrived, there were no more seats left. Technically speaking, I stood for too many hours that I cant count or imagine I did it. My feet do hurt on the next day, But it still worth it as long as it'd never happen again. 

About the show, It was Fun! 

I cannot describe how cool it was to see it live, The intensity is real. lol


People cheered and boo! To be honest, That part was really funny. 

 They were having fun, they boo on marquez everytime the Tv screen shows his face or his supporters. And they cheer whenever it was Rossi. Somehow it's fun to see how they actually react on everything. I can tell that they are VR46 die hard fans.

 When It started to rain heavily, the show gets more intense. Rossi looks so cool even from distance. The show is really worth to see. Nothing much I can describe because It was really Indescribable fun and cool! I do posted videos about the funny moments, check it out on my Instagram : Annie Junita. I would do a collage videos and upload it on the youtube later.

Trip to MotoGP in Valencia, Spain

To be continued...