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31 December 2014

         Annie was the first person to woke up at 9 am, And she had to wake me and her brother. she was kind of annoyed when she realized she fell asleep and I told her that, I and Her brother slept at 2 am last night, So she wake us with a very annoying minions voice she has but really cute anyway. Lol
 We had our brunch at hotel. And We finished our brunch on 11 am. We decided to go to Vue Beach Club on the celebration of our new year eve, which is located inside The LV8 Resort at Canggu,Bali

         We were using taxi for our transport that day, it was shocking when we knew our taxi driver had no idea where The LV8 resort's located. He never heard The LV8 resort before. So we ended up using GPS to guide the taxi driver along the way to The LV8 Resort.
 We arrived at The LV8 Resort around 1 pm, The place's quiet,maybe it's because this place's still new, or maybe not many people know this place, yet? because we heard the resort just opened 2 years ago.
quiet and calm
        We ordered Gazebo, right beside the infinity pool. The view from our gazebo's really nice, and the infinity pool's wide either. we were relaxing for awhile on the gazebo, ordered foods and took pictures too.
nice view from the gazebo

   After relaxed, we were about to swim, so we started to look for our swimming suit inside our bag. Unfortunately, Annie can't find her swimming suit, She thought she put it inside the bag while she didn't. Luckily, I brought extra clothes. So, she ended up playing on the pool with the dress she was wearing. We were so happy and really enjoyed the day.

Annie was wearing eye contact lenses which means she had to keep her eyes away from the water. So, I carried her and walked around the pool as many times as she requested, haha.., we were both enjoying the beach view across our infinity pool.

it was so windy

         after spent our half day at vue beach club, We went back to hotel and arrived at 5.30 pm. We took a shower, slacking, watching tv and rest for awhile at our hotel's room. 
I and Her brother had early dinner at our Hotel's restaurant. Annie refused to join us, she said she was too exhausted, so she took a nap at the room and waited for us.

         We went to Kuta Beach to celebrate the new year eve's party there. We heard there will be a lot of people and huge fireworks around the beach every new year eve. Unfortunately, the weather was not supporting, it rained quite heavily. So, we brought two umbrellas with us, incase the rain will getting worse. The taxi driver drop us nearby the kuta beach, because taxis not allowed to go further. The road nearby Kuta was closed by the police for traffic reason. So we had to stop nearby, and walked to the beach. It was 9.30 when we arrived there and the rain stopped. 

         It was still too early to watch the fireworks at the kuta beach, So, we walked to the legian street, there were so many people down the road, really crowded. While walking around the street, We saw many people using a flashing light hairband on their head. Annie really wanted the hairband. So we bought a pair hairband and wore it together :D and we bought couple tanktops either at legian street.

            When its already 10.30, We decided to walk to the kuta beach and waited for the fireworks. When we arrived at the beach, It was so dark and crowded. Many people sat around the beach and waited for the fireworks. The wind at the beach was so strong too. It was so hard for us to walk around the beach. So, we decided go back to the road for awhile. 
            While walking down to the road, it suddenly rained heavily, We decided to stop by at a bar and luckily they had one empty table left. So we sat and get some drinks while hoping that the rain will stop. But as we sit and waiting, the rain didn't stop at all, it was getting worse. it rained heavily and the bar was getting more crowded because many people want to shelter from the rain. And we knew the rain was ruining the new years eve at kuta beach and it's hopeless to wait for the rain to stop. So, we sat at the bar and celebrate the new year eve at the bar. Before the countdown started, Less then 20 minutes, the bar put on a show. It was a fire dance. there were 4 people dancing around with their burning stick. it was a great show :D

   After celebrated the new year eve at the bar. We wanted to go home because we were really exhausted. But the rain didn't stop. So, we decided to walk and use our umbrella to find a taxi outside the kuta beach. It was so crowded down the road, and we had to walk slowly because the road was so slippery and wet. We couldn't find any taxis around there. It was all fully booked. So, we kept walking and hope we will find a taxi.

her brother walked before us

         as we walking, the traffic jam was so bad. There were so many motorcycles and cars. Many people decided to stop walking and find a shelter on the side of the road. Most of them stop at the mini market around the street. But we kept walking and waited for a taxi, when we knew its hopeless to find a taxi, we comitted to walk back to hotel. It was really a  long way to go, in addition the rain was really interrupting and made us so hard to walk back to the hotel. It was almost 5KM to walk from kuta beach to our hotel. But we had no choice. When we finally reached our hotel, it was already 1.30 AM and we were extremely exhausted. We were about to die. We took a shower, rest on the bed with extremely exhausted legs and body. and went to sleep around 3 am.

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