Friday, January 30, 2015


So, recently I had so many friends been wondering and misunderstanding with the meaning of Lees. What is Lees? Let's make it crystal clear.
  Honestly, We had no idea how to define,describe,and tell what exactly Lees means. It just happened. We really influence each other, We have so many similarities in common. lol. It seemed our personalities were in sync. 
  There was a month, when we can't stop adding word, 'LE' for every sentences. Especially, before any objects that we mentioned, we automatically add the word 'LE'. It happened everyday. Sometimes, We mention 'LE' for no reason, even if the sentence has nothing to do with 'LE', we just make fun of it. hahahaha

  We both feel so annoyed by ourselves! I was joking and telling him 'So many LEES! I think we just found our secret keyword'. He replied 'yeah, The Lees finally stronger than love!' :D
  I can't remember exactly, how we really top up 'LEES', but we both started to put 'LEES' behind our names. Which makes everyone think that LEES were actually one of our name. IT'S NOT! :D

i made the picture by myself
 We influenced each other, guess that's just how we deal with our life. Life's short. Start to care less about things you can't control. And focus on people around you, people who love and always be there for you <3

Hans and I
Hans and I, love to wear couple's outfit, because we're too lazy to dress up. We often wonder on what to wear for many times. So,we decided to get some couple t-shirts. We bought 8 pairs of COCONUT ISLAND 's t-shirts. Perfect easywear for our casual outing <3
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