Friday, January 30, 2015


17 October 2014
 Our 6 months being in a relationship..

 We had our dinner at our favorite restaurant in town, the one that i mentioned before on my birthday <3
 Unfortunately, in a very sudden, i got bad fever that night. It bothered me a lot, but i didn't wanna ruin everything just yet. He was checking me the whole time, asking if i'm fine.

picture took after we had our dinner<3

 My fever got worse, I went to doctor with daddy and him, i thought i was going to be injected by the doctor. I kept on telling the doctor and daddy that i was freaked out, and i don't want to be injected. Well,it was a long story, It took me a week before i finally recovered again..

picture took 2 days before i finally recovered again, i was forced to bulking by him :p
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