Friday, January 30, 2015


 My Birthday is earlier than his Birthday. Mine is on June and his on July.

Annie's Story
 On our first year of celebrating birthday together, I was having my 18th Birthday. Early morning on the day, he took me out to teach me driving. I've been waiting for ages for a driving lesson! and he be the first person to taught me. We had so much fun! i caused him a lot of shocking moments and heart attack! but still, he patiently guide me along the way. 
candid picture took by him, i can't stop smiling :xoxo
scared while he keep calling me to take some pictures <3
 We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, he brought me lovely presents. It was so unexpected, i feel so blessed and happy to have him in my life. 
Beloved Hans and I
thankyou my love....<3
We went home at 9, we're having good times, as usual, playing around the living room has been our pretty bad habit. lol. I've never been so silly and happy until i met him<3 he colored my life <3 

selfie<3 wefie<3 silly<3
playing around! im wearing my skirt as my new dress now, with the flower bouquet's ribbon as the<3
Hans' Story
  On July, I was having my 22nd birthday and celebrating it with her. She baked a birthday cake for me! I am so happy! because it was made by herself! i saw the whole process when she baked the cake, i was so excited waiting for the cake. We also decorated the cake together, little bit messy though with the decoration :D it tasted so good! And its written Hans <3 on the top of the cake. I Love it so much!

Then, she gave me a birthday present! and it's a shoes!. i like the shoes so much!

We had dinner at one of well-known restaurant in the town. We had so much fun spending time for the whole day :D

After done with the dinner, we headed back home. As usual, sillyness always happen around us, we were playing and laughing around the living room, We took a lot of silly selfies. We had crazy time and so much fun at that night. 

I am so happy spending my birthday with her. I feel so blessed and so happy to have her in my life. I Love You, Annie. Days that i spend with you are always the best days in my life. <3

Annie Junita & Hans Alexander
  My Birthday story typed by myself, and His type by himself <3

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