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Our First Holiday Vacation

 We decided to go to Bali on December for New Year Eve's Celebration on Our First Holiday Vacation.

DAY 1 (28 December 2014)
  Our flight was at 9 am (WIB) in the morning, 
excuse our sleepy face.. :p
We arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport at 2.45 pm (WITA). 
 The traffic was terrible because it's near the celebration of New Year Eve. We heard that Bali worst traffic is on December of Christmas and New Year Eve's Celebration every year. It took us almost 2 hours to reach our hotel.
 We're staying at Harris Hotel Seminyak for 6 nights and Harris Hotel Jimbaran for 2 nights. We arrived Harris Hotel on 4 pm (WITA) because of the bad traffic.
 Bali is on wet season every December, We hope that it won't rain heavily. 

 On the first day, We were planning to go to the BeachWalk Mall at Kuta, Bali. Unfortunately, our first taxi driver lied and refused to take us there because of the rain, Instead he drove us to Seminyak Square which only miles away from our hotel. 
 So, we stroll around seminyak square and Kayu Aya street. We had our first dinner at Mandarin Restaurant. After that, we went to shop and stroll around Kayu Aya street. Along the street, it has many stores and restaurants. It's so crowded because many tourists come to this place every December. 
 We're kind of exhausted, so we decided to have a seat and we had our second dinner at The Junction restaurant. The restaurant is next to the Seminyak square building. The restaurant has an unique decoration, because the building was built and decorated only with pile of woods. It's really a nice place, and the foods're delicious too.
Mandarin Restaurant
The Junction
 After dining at The Junction restaurant, We went back to hotel on 10pm. We took a shower and rest for a while, slacking and watching tv. We're getting hungry the next hour, so we decided to snuck out and buy some cup noodles, snacks and drinks at mini market nearby the hotel. 
snuck out from our hotel's room to buy foods.
  DAY 2 (29 December 2014)

 We woke up at 8.30 am on the second day, We had our breakfast at our hotel. We're planning to go to the Potato Head Beach Club early to reserve the Bed seats(Cabanas).
 It was raining in the morning, and it was too early to go to Potato Head at 10 am, because it opened at 11 am. So we decided to go to Agung Bali souvenir store which recommended by our driver. The store is quite famous and mostly recommended by all taxi drivers. The prices considered as cheap around the town and they have so many unique and beautiful souvenirs there. 

 After shopping, We went to Potato Head, But it rained heavily, The traffic's getting worse, We tried to call Potato Head for a reservation, but the cabana can't be booked by a phone-call, they asked us to go there and book on board. We arrived one hour later. Obviously, it was too late for us to order the Cabanas, we queued for the Cabanas on the Sofa seats. The sofa seat's quite good spot though for relaxing and slacking around. We ordered some foods and drinks.
my fav menu ; the cheese platter
 While we're waiting for the Cabana, the rain's still falling and really interrupting. It rained for almost 3 hours, so they decided to close the Cabanas and people on the Cabanas moved to the side, but the pool's still available, which means we still have to wait for the rain to stop and another hours to wait for the queue. 
 We knew that it was hopeless for us to wait. So, we only swim for a while, enjoy the foods ,the sight, and leave earlier.

 After we left Potato Head Beach Club, we went to Breeze Restaurant, inside the Samaya Resort for dinner. We had our dinner while waiting for the sunset. And we also walk by the beach. We really enjoy the place, it's so beautiful and we had a great weather on that moment. While walking by the beach, We're wondering, why there are a lot of wood piles at the beach. Many said that every December, Beach will be surrounded by a lot of wood piles that comes from the other side.

 We went back to hotel at 7 pm. We saw an unique Spanish cafe around our hotel. Curious took us there. So, after arrived hotel, We took a quick shower and we decided to have our second dinner there. We really love the foods. The cafe run by it's owner himself. He was there. 

Then, We went back to hotel at 10 pm, took a shower and rest, But we started to get hungry again, So, we snuck out to the mini market nearby hotel to buy some cup noodles for supper, I'm pretty sure we've gained more weights :p

picture took while waiting for the elevator
to be continued....
  • more photos will be updated soon on the personal gallery..

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