Friday, January 30, 2015



On August, I had my holiday around 2 weeks+. We didn't have any getaway plans on the holiday. So, We decided to spend the holiday around the town. One day, I was craving for cheese macaroni, I love that food. So i asked her whether she could cook it for me. And she said she can!. So we went to lottemart and buy all the ingredients, snacks, and drink. After done shopping, we headed back home and started to cook. We bought some nuggets and karage for the extra dishes for our dinner too :D.

 I helped her cooking the cheese macaroni and everything, it was so warm at the kitchen, or maybe too warm! because our kitchen is quite small so the heat couldn't went away easily. We couldn't stop wiping our sweat all over our faces. But it was fun though :D cooking together with my Love.

picture took while she multitasking

 After cooked everything, We eat the cheese macaroni, it tasted sticky and so cheesy, because she put too much cheese in it. We couldn't finish it all. haha.. but we finished the extra dishes! nuggets and karage :D.


She promised to bake muffins and a cheesecake for me. long before I go to back to Medan, I was craving so much for her muffins because I love it. I was so excited when i go back, excited to meet my love, eat the muffins and cheesecake together. As usual, i helped her to bake the muffins, carried the oven, toss the eggs, sugar and etc. In the middle of the baking, i am a little bit tired, so i left her for awhile, sit at the living room, and watching tv. But suddenly i heard a sound like a glass just fell down, i was shocked and went back to the kitchen to check whether she is fine because i thought she dropped the glass. But i saw no one, i saw a broken plate and flour all over the floor, it fell down by itself. because she was doing something else at the back of the kitchen so there is no one touching the plate. I was wondering how the plate fell down. but, she was too busy concern about the muffins, because she mixed everything and she has to be quick to measure and start all over, to put the flour into the spiral mixer at the right time. However, too late. It was a failure. The muffins turned out to be tasteless. After done with the muffins we have to clean everything before her mom came back home, or otherwise she will get yelled by her mom hahaha. This weird incident saw by her brother too. After done cleaning everything, we were thinking how the plate fell down by itself. Well, we couldn't figure it out and its still a mystery until now.

The next day, We planned to bake a cheesecake. As usual we went to lottemart to get the ingredients and everything we needed. When we tried to find some ingredients, i pull a prank on her. I silently stand close behind her without she knowing it. And when she turned back,she saw me. She was shocked and shouted really loud like she just saw a ghost, Everybody started to look at her, she laughed and she was so embarrassed. While i couldn't stop laughing,she flee away, because she was too embarrassed to face the people who were looking at her hahaha :D. Then after we bought all the ingredients, we headed back home. We started to bake the cheesecake, and after done with cheesecake we decorated it together. We were planning to put almonds on the top of it but we couldn't find any almonds at lottemart. So i decided to put m&m chocolate on the top of the cheesecake. And here it is, our cheesecake :D!

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