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Bali Trip Part 4 
 Days before we moved to Harris Hotel Jimbaran. Annie was not feeling well, and We had to cancel some of our plans. 

1st January 2015
 We woke up late on 11 am, we also skipped our breakfast, because we were so exhausted last night. Annie woke up earlier than us. She said she was not feeling well. 
 We had our lunch at Ryoshi Japanese restaurant at Jalan Raya Seminyak, which is not far from our hotel, It only took 5 minutes by Taxi. Annie loves sushi so much and she was so excited.
their butter fish sashimi is the best

 Ryoshi has a nice, cozy and comfortable place, the foods're cheaper than the other japanese restaurant around the town even at our hometown either.

 After we had our lunch, We were about to go to spa, to relax and recover our tiredness, but Annie didn't want to go because she was feeling worse and really sick. So we had to cancel it. We went back to our hotel and took a rest. 
 While Annie took her nap, I and her brother was watching tv and resting on the bed.
   Annie woke up an hour later, she felt better. So, We decided to reserve a table at Mozaic Beach Club restaurant to have a dinner there. We reached there at 6 pm

waiting for the sunset

 We really love The Restaurant and the atmosphere there. It's really nice, well-decorated and has a really great view from our dining table. We really enjoyed our dinner. 

their foods taste delicious

I Love You

 After we finished our dinner, we took a walk at the beach side, to enjoy the view and the wind. Then, we decided to went back to hotel earlier and rest earlier too. It was 8 pm when we arrived our hotel.
 As usual we always snuck out and had our supper before bed time. 

quick selfie before snuck out from the hotel

 2nd January

 We woke up at 9 am, as usual Annie woke up first and she had to wake us with her minions voice, shouted really loud, it was all over the room XD.. 
 After we had our brunch at hotel, We went to Woo Bar at W retreat & Spa bali seminyak. We were sitting on the outdoor seat, relaxing and enjoying the view. It was too windy and hot.
 Annie just had her brunch but she was seduced by the bacon salad so she decided to order it. The pool was unique, And the wind was too strong at that time, It was unable to take a good picture at all.. XD

 After We spent time at Woo Bar, We went to Dream Museum Zone ( DMZ ) bali. It was a fun and interactive art gallery, featuring a vast collection of three-dimensional, life-size murals for visitors to pose and play with. We took many pictures inside the gallery. It was really fun and interesting.

Titanic gone wrong lol

A sudden kiss from her.

 We went back to hotel to take a shower and rest for awhile. We arrived hotel around 3.30 pm
 We took off from hotel at 4.45, We decided to had our early dinner at an unique restaurant that we saw at the other day, not so far from our hotel. It called frankensteins laboratory. 

unique decorated stage
The place is so unique and has so many scary head statue, frankensteins statue and many others scary decoration too.

 After that, We decided go to The Legian street. We were walking down the whole legian street and bought a dress for Annie, I also got a new sun-glasses :D. The street was not so crowded at that time, maybe because it's still early, around 7PM. The Legian street usually crowded after 10pm because it had so many clubs and bars, for people who want to have fun and drinks. 
 After done shopping and exploring the Legian street, We went back to hotel and arrived hotel at 8.30 PM, We took a shower and started to pack our things, because we were moving to Jimbaran on the next day.
 And we still did our routine, we snuck out for cup noodles before bed time.

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