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 We were moving to Jimbaran,Bali at 3rd January 2015. We had our best time at Jimbaran, because Jimbaran's traffic was better at 3-5 January. The weather was getting dry and hot. It was really a summer time, perfect for tanning.

he promised me forever...
3 January 2015

 We woke up on 8 am. Actually, It's not 'WE'. Because I woke up first, and my duty to wake Hans and my brother on time. Then, we had our breakfast. We checkout on 11 am, and heading to Jimbaran on 11.30 am.

 I was just getting better from my sickness yesterday, but I got another problem in ache, And It was diarrhea. Omg, It has been a while since I didn't drink any milk since last night. And I drank half from the big size of a milk box. Hans drank it too, but he loves milk, and he often drink milks. I was really suffering. 
 We went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana before we check in our hotel. Simply because, We arrived Garuda Wisnu Kencana before our hotel. We took a quick tour inside. We took some pictures. And I was dying of nausea and diarrhea:(.
  After check in, We were supposed to go to Ayana Resort at Jimbaran, but we ended up stayed at hotel half of the day, Since we arrived hotel. And It was all just because of my diarrhea.
I'm sure they had no idea when was I took this picture. lol
 Hans and my brother patiently waited for me, they were watching tv. I took a medicine and rest. 
 We went to Jimbaran Bay for our dinner. We arrived around 5 pm. And I was getting better after a long nap. It has been a while since we didnt eat any sea food. I thought we were at beach for 8 days but We haven't consume any seafood. Lol. We had our dinner at the Matahari restaurant, if i'm not mistaken. 
 The food was great! Delicious! We love it!

the lobster and crabs're soo good. lol
 It was too windy, and many clouds on the sky. But it still shows a great view. I really love the environment, and the sea sound. 

before sunset
 After we had our dinner, I didn't wanna leave. I was lingering on my seat, and I asked Hans to buy us roasted corns for our desserts. Lol 
 Hans brought roasted corns and a bag of peanuts. While i'm eating my roasted corn, A bunch of people suddenly approached behind us. I was so excited to take a video of the view and them. After that, I continued to eat my corn. But suddenly, They came to my table and they started to play a song. I was really flattered. I don't know what to do and how to react. Hans quickly took a picture of it, While I can't stop smiling and kept on eating my corn. Lol

took candid by him. I cant stop smiling

 I thought they were only going to play one song, but suddenly Hans requested another song. Omg, I was getting more nervous, they were standing too close. And their eyes often looking at me. I was so nervous, i sat alone there. Hans enjoyed my nervous face eh. Lol

trying to act cool and enjoying the performance
 After we watched the sunset, We took pictures before we finally left this place. Hans ate his peanuts passionately. He even ignored me and kept on eating! So I kept on bothering him. Lol
we had the best night<3
I love you so much and you should know that..
he promised me infinity <3
 We went back to hotel at 7 pm. We rush to our room and changed our outfit into casual, I was wearing his top. We went to the gym! Just for having fun. Lol

we were having fun lol

 After that, We went to our hotel rooftop to check the environment. Because we were planning to have our dinner there for the next day. The place is cozy. I like it.
 Then, We went back to our room, clean ourselves, take a supper and sleep! :)

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