Friday, February 27, 2015

Celebrating Our First Chinese New Year Together (PART I)

  Happy Chinese New Year Eve! We had great days on our Chinese New Year Celebration. We spent almost two weeks together. I was so happy because Hans stayed longer at Hometown.

Chinese New Year eve
 On the Chinese New Year Eve Celebration (30 meh), We had a lovely homemade dinner with My Family and Hans by my Lovely Mom. I have a super mom that loves cooking and baking a lot<3

 Before the dinner, Hans and I took pictures, as usual, our pictures always include candid. We just can't stop moving and laugh out the awkward. lol

It was a lovely proper pictures, but after a few snaps....
we can't hold a laugh...:D
try to focus back... this is still a candid actually..
ah wait.. let us see the result first..
something around his eyes..and my cousin still capturing the moment. lol
 A moment later, Our dinner's finally served! Warm and sweet smells all over the house <3

Big day with family <3 My Mommy is superior in cooking Chinese Food <3
 Hans and my second brother ate a lot! They were so cute. They sort of challenging each other on finishing the foods. They can't even walk properly after the dinner. XD

 Here are some pictures of my eldest and second brother on the Chinese New Year with my eldest brother's lovely little daughter <3

Blur, and I was not there. :(
 After We had our dinner at my house, We also went out to Hans' family gathering. We arrived late, and we took pictures <3 It was a lovely day <3

with his family :)
-- to be continued --
more lovely stories coming soon <3

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