Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fairytale Does Exists (PART 1)

 The beginning of our relationship. Fairytale does exists. How we affect each other and deal with our distance. Because everything that ever happened to us, it was naturally. We are still, just a beginning. But how we started, was the best part for me (Annie).

My Favorite picture of us <3
 We changed a lot, Hans used to be weight around 74-75, and now he is around 82-85. His fashion changed too, he looked more mature now, and so do I. I used to have a long haircut, now it's short, the shortest I ever had in my life. We are so comfortable as who we are for each other. 

The First Month

 On the first month of our relationship, Hans took me to meet his grandfather and some of his family members. It was a quick process, but we've known each other for quite a long time, it was just the relationship that started later. Lol
 Actually, We planned the date for our relationship. I was still in senior high school 3 and I was having a government final examination before we finally get into a relationship. We were dating for 2 months, in our country (Indonesia) it is called as 'pendekatan'. 
 He confessed his love was a month before we started our relationship. He was patiently waiting for me. We learnt a lot about each other. Because even We are in distance. We talk to each other almost the whole day and night and it still happening until today(written in the introduction;Love is in the air).
 On April 2014, he planned to visit me on the last day of my final exam, it was on 16th April 2014. I was once told him that I love the number of 17, And i would love if we could start our relationship on 17. I didn't expect for soon at all, because of some privacy reasons. He patiently waited for a month, before I finally responded to his confession and we picked the 17th April as our day <3. 

(Details from The Introduction;Love is in the air)
 On 16th April in the evening, he confessed his love to me in front of my mom. It was so funny to us, because I just finished the last day from my high school, definitely before I officially graduated the next month. And, we were actually picked 17th April, not 16th April. Honestly, he was so cute.
 On 17th April, he came to my house, he was sitting in the couch at the living room. He silently put a box of ring into my bag when I left him for a while.
 I was completely shocked when I came back and tried to reach my phone, but i saw a little cute golden box. I smiled and asked "did you put something inside my bag?", He was blushing and said "yes" in a very innocent way! 
 I was really nervous, and i asked him "omg, what is this?" It was quite obvious to be a ring in a mini box lol. It was the power of nervous took me there. He replied "I don't know. Open it!" 
Anddd... I opened it! It was a promise ring! <3
this picture was taken a month later. our promise ring<3
We had our lunch at Tresmont, Lippo Mall, Medan. We were just a happy new couple hanging out. It was first kind of awkward but lovely for us. Butterflies..Love is in the air....<3
 Here are some pictures of that moment... :)

he took a picture of me <3

believe that it was more than a just a picture for us. <3

And more selfies in the car, lol. It used to be a reason to avoid awkward, and it became our habit now, we take selfies on any traffic jam. 

more stories are coming..
To be continued... ❤️

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