Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fairytale Does Exists (PART 2)

 Cute moments that happened to us on the second month of our relationship. 

my clingy girlfriend

The Second Month

  On the second month of our relationship. I remembered, Annie told me that she loves doll so much. So, I surprised her. I brought a teddy bear for her, our picture with a frame, and a small bottle filled with my own love words. The teddy bear has a name tag on it, it called Sun ii.

Sun ii
I wrote something at the back side of the picture, this picture taken by her. She loved it so much. The shadows of the writing can be shown if it againsts a light.
 We also planned to buy couple shirts for us at the other day. We were looking around the mall, We found it at the Coconut Island's store at Centre Point,Medan. We didn't know that we'd be so addicted of it, We only bought three pairs on the first purchase ( purple, white and orange colors). Then, We started to really love the shirts, it is comfortable, and well designed.
Some pictures of us ;

 Few weeks before I visited her, she watched Frozen movie at her home. I noticed that she really loves that movie, especially Olaf. She requested me to draw Olaf in our drawing book. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that we bought a drawing book on the first month. Because she likes my drawing, and asked me to make an album of it.

 I drew a cartoon, a man as a chef holding his chef's knife.

mine (right side) her (left side)
 Funny thing that happened, she kept on bugging me, she was really clingy! She loves drawing too. She can draw something and finish it really fast. She challenged me to draw as fast as her, I was just started when she done her drawing! Hers drawing on the left! She kept mumbling and bugging to interrupt my concentration! Can I bite her? 
 I drew Olaf for her on the second month. I was drawing Olaf on our drawing book at the living room while, she patiently waiting for me and hugging Sun ii. We also took a quick picture <3

we're so exhausted after a long day<3
 On the next day, while We were sitting at the living room and watching tv, suddenly her mom offer us to go to a foot reflexion massage together. At first Annie refused, she was scared. She had never go to a foot reflexion before, because she feel ticklish whenever somebody touch her foot. 

 I tried to convinced her by saying "you will be fine, lets give it a try. It's your first time anyway, you should try". She laughed and replied " I'm scared! I will feel ticklish if the therapist touch my foot ". But I kept on convincing her by saying "it will be fine honey, just give a try and you will enjoy it ".

 She was then agreed to give it a try, she was feeling so nervous when we got there. She kept on mumbling. Lol. 

 After we had our seat, the therapist started to clean our feet with a warm cloth, but Annie suddenly pulled her feet from the therapist and giggled. The therapist found her so cute, she also giggled and teased Annie " But this's just a beginning? " Annie didn't stop giggling until the end, she even almost started to scream, and it was funnier when she bit a pillow or even covered her face with the pillow. All of us started to laugh together, we were so noisy and couldn't stop laughing because she tried so hard to endure the tickles she had! she really changed the calm environment into really entertaining.

I swear it was really funny! :D 
we also took picture of each other.

To be continued...

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