Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fairytale Does Exists (PART 3)

Cute moments before her Birthday

        A day before her birthday, we had a casual date at center-point Mall. We decided to have our lunch at one of the restaurant in the Mall ( Forget the name ). After lunch, Annie wanted a dessert, the restaurant we had our lunch don't have any desserts menu. So, we went to Gelato Bar. Annie was so cute, she was really excited and happy while choosing the desserts.
I Love You <3

       When the desserts served, Annie quickly took a bite of it, she was enjoying it. She loved and she ate like a cute kid. She is so lovely and many times I really can't bear with her cuteness. I will try to bite and hug her! We were chatting while having our desserts, I noticed her front teeth covered by the chocolate from the desserts that she ate. it was so funny! I laughed so hard, she was confused by me. she asked me " why are you laughing so hard in a sudden ? " I held my laugh, and pointed at her teeth, answering " your teeth is so funny honey, you got black teeth because of the chocolate that you ate and it makes you look like an old witch ". I quickly took pictures of her and asked her to smile with her black teeth :D

She is so lovely and funny <3

Driving lesson on her 18th Birthday

      few weeks before we met, annie told me several times that she really wanted to learn driving. she asked her dad if she could join a private driving lesson or not, but her dad didn't agree. I knew she really wanted to experience driving a car, so i promise her that i will teach her how to drive with my car on her birthday :D. She was so excited and happy, she can't stop mentioning about it until her birthday.

      Early morning on her birthday, we decided to go to Cemara Asri to learn driving. Cemara Asri has a good spot, the road is quiet and wide. First, i explained to her the basics knowledge of driving, how to turn on the engine, how to accelerate, how to brake, and how to put the gear on D ( Drive, so the car will move forward slowly ). i saw she started to feel really nervous and excited as well. Then I told her to start driving without accelerating instead focusing on cornering the car. i was surprised that she was really good. i teased her " i have a new private driver now ? " She giggled and embarrassed. while she was driving, i took pictures and videos of her.

She is so nervous

      she improved so fast on cornering. So, the next step, i decided to let her accelerate a bit. She did it really well, but she was not good in breaking. She stepped on the brake too sudden and too hard. She definitely can cause an accident and I might have a heart attack too. I told her to focus on breaking slowly. There is a funny moment when she was driving and i was recording her, she suddenly stepped the brake and stop. I asked her why, she said " there is someone try to cross the road! ". i clearly saw nobody there, so i asked " who? where is the person? " then she pointed at the person who was almost 20 meters away from us! Omg, i laughed and said " but he is still far away honey " she innocently replied me with her cute face " but i was scared..... ". i really wanted to bite her at that time! she is so cute and funny, isn't she? After driving for almost 2,5 hours, she felt tired. So, we call it a day and will continue the driving lesson tommorow. we went back home to get rest and prepared for her birthday dinner.

     Early morning on the next day. We continued the driving lesson, I told her to keep focusing on breaking slowly because she still was not good enough on it but she improved.
    Then suddenly when she tried to cross over a speed bump, she drove the car too slow. we stuck in the middle of it. So i told her to step the accelerate slowly, but she was scared. she said she won't be able to control the acceleration and might cause an accident. I encouraged her and said " it will be fine dear, just step on it slowly and we will pas by the speed bump... C'mon honey you can do it.. "
    When she was about to cross over the speed bump, she stepped the acceleration a bit too much. The car quickly jumped over the speed bumb. Luckily, her left foot was standby on the brake pedal before she step the acceleration. She quickly stepped on the brake, both of us bumped inside the car. The car behind us was shocked. We almost had an accident, because there were many cars keep on crossing in front of us at that moment. we both paralyzed for awhile. she got scared and told me to change the seat and asked me to drive. We call it a day after that incident. She was still shocked and scared of that incident. I tried to calm her while we were heading back home. After that incident she doesn't want to learn driving anymore.

Act cool when i took the pictures

Before the incident Lol

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