Friday, February 6, 2015

Fairytale Does Exists (PART 4)

 On His Birthday Month, we were on holiday. We stayed at hometown. We had so much fun.

 He visited me two days before his birthday, I had my new haircut, the shortest i ever had. And he gained more weight. 
 Two days before his birthday, my best friend who was in Johor,Malaysia visited me too. I was so happy to get to see them. Sad because I have two lovely people in my life on a long distance with me.
 We had a quick lunch and chit chat;

I'm 18 and it's a 10 years best friendship<3

 Hans and I always have problems on taking proper pictures. We always end up on playing,candid, and bullying each other.
 Here are some pictures that i'm going to reveal at the other days on his birthday month. Lol

I don't even remember this picture
I'm not scolding him but he asked for a fierce facial, but he made a cute facial. lol
he did a stretching in the middle of selfieeee <3 lol
photobombed by him lol
what's up? <3 lol
i can't breathe lol
err.... hahahahaha
my cousin was annoyed and decided to took a picture of us while we're playing

Compare to this : 

we need to smile,Hans. smileee :D

holding a laugh of course lol <3
so lovely isn't it? lol <3
I Lovee You<3
 Now you know how hard it is for us to take proper and good pictures. Lol. But we enjoy it. It happens naturally. And the good thing is, we completely know when to be serious and when to have fun. I love him <3

 (You can read more details of his birthday on Our First Birthday Celebration )
More updates soon.. <3 :) 

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