Monday, February 2, 2015


The Last Day at Bali

 We planned to spend the whole day at Blue Heaven and Padang-padang Beach on the last day, because we have been so exhausted for a week. 

took a candid picture by her, I was so excited to explore padang padang beach <3
 4 January 2015

   We woke up on 10AM in the morning, as usual Annie woke up first, and her yelling voice will be heard, all over the room to wake me and her brother XD.
We skipped our breakfast and decided to have brunch at Blue Heaven padang-padang beach. We arrived there around 11.30AM.
  The place is so beautiful, It really has a perfect spot to see the sea and the beach view. When we were about to order foods, the waiter said the foods are not available until 2 pm. Their kitchen were under maintenance. But, drinks are available. So, We ordered drinks and relaxed at the pool side until the kitchen was fixed.

still early and the sun was getting hot. 
many foreigners were tanning 
 After the kitchen fixed, We ordered foods. We also played in the infinity pool. The infinity pool is nice, but quite small for swimming. So, I and Annie were just playing around the pool and enjoying the sight. Because she was wearing eye contact lenses, I have to carry her on my back and walk around the pool, I also carry her on my shoulder too :D..
I was carrying her like a baby :D

 While we were playing on the pool, We saw a padang-padang beach below, nearby our place. So, we decided to walk down to the beach. The beach is so crowded and got many wild monkeys too. We spent time walking down the beach to the seashore, and took some pictures.

view from the infinity pool
stairs to the padang padang beach
nice view..
I love you..
spot a wild monkey behind us :)
 After played around the beach, We decided to go back to The Blue Heaven, While we were walking up the stairs, Annie's palm suddenly got bitten by something. She was not sure what it was, but it bit really hurt. Maybe it's an ant or a bee, but a moment later her palm was getting better.

   We went back to our hotel around 4PM. When we arrived hotel, her brother suddenly was not feeling well and headache. He requested to go to the spa for a relaxing massage at our hotel. So, we went to the lobby to ask if the spa have any available space left for three of us.
  Unfortunately, It was fully booked for a day. So, we went back to our room. 
 I promised Annie, that We're going to swim when We reached our hotel. She was so excited, because She really wanted to swim. She hasn't swim for awhile. Last time, I carried her around the pool and She didn't swim at all, because of her eye contact lenses. 
 So, we went to our hotel's swimming pool. Her brother didn't want to join, because he wanted to rest. So, I and annie swam again.

   After swimming, We had our dinner at Jim'bar'n, the rooftop resto, in our hotel.  

The place is nice, cozy and well-decorated. They played smooth musics and It has a relaxing atmosphere around there. We ordered foods, cocktails and wine. And took pictures there too.

 After we finished our dinner. We went to the mini market, which is just located in front of our hotel. We bought some cup noodles, and snacks for our flights tomorrow. Then, we headed back to our room early, to pack everything for tomorrow flight back to Medan.

  When We arrived at our room, We took a shower and packed everything,Annie  suddenly feeling not well. She got flu and she can't breath from her nose. She was feeling cold. So, I asked her to rest earlier. I put a small tip of balm oil around her nose, and wore socks on her foot. I and her brother slept the next hour, after done packed our things into our luggages.

 5 january 2015

    The next morning, We woke up at 5am. We were so sleepy and tired. Annie got headache when She woke up, but we should be hurry because we must catch a flight at 8AM. 

  We checkout from our hotel at 6AM.  We have to transit from Bali to Jakarta, then the second flight at 4.45 PM was from Jakarta to Medan.
  We arrived Jalarta at 9 am ( WIB ), because we have so much time left at Jakarta. We were planning to go to UNION at plaza senayan mall. But I asked my friend who lived in Jakarta, he said we won't make it, because it's quite far, and it's monday, the traffic will be so bad. He afraid that we will stuck on the road to airport because of the worst traffic in Jakarta and we wont be able to catch our flight. So, he suggested us to go the closer mall with the airport. 
  He picked us from airport and drove us around the town. We went to PIK. We had out late lunch at IKUDDO, the ramen house. 

  After that, we went to CENTRAL PARK Mall. We walked around the mall, and we went to Mr. Puff to sit for awhile, we bought some drinks and breads, and we also went to the twelve cupcakes. Annie loves it. After that, we went back to the airport to catch our flight to Medan.

 All the days I've spent with her on this vacation, they were really the best moment of my life. All the laughs, the joys, get yelled by her every morning, playing around before we sleep, get to see her face every morning, and realized her face was so funny when she was sleeping (while mine's worse ), walked to a long way back to our hotel at new years eve in a heavy rain, walking down to the beach together, swimming and carrying her on my back and my shoulder around the pool, having our dinner while enjoying the sunset, playing like kid in the fitness room at our hotel, playing around in the DMZ gallery, Watching the kecak dance. Every single moment is so beautiful! I am truly blessed to have her by my side. Thank you GOD. I will keep us forever and always love you Annie and I will never let you go.I LOVE YOU.

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