Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our First Time Celebrating Valentine Together

Our Valentine Day

 Hans gave me a new promise ring! the old one was too small for my finger. I love it! Thankyou, Sweetheart! It was so unexpected, He made me think that he's going to give me a chocolate. He told me that my valentine gift will be " coklat " It has two meanings in Indonesian, It can be a chocolate either a brown color. I thought it was a chocolate, wasn't it obvious? lol
 But it turned out to be my replacement promise ring! I was so shocked. How come a yellow gold considered as a brown color for him! gyaa. I was tricked and I loved it! lol <3

 Early morning on 14th February, Hans decided to cook Salted Egg Shrimp for me. We went to Pasar Rame (traditional market) to buy the ingredients. We also brought other ingredients to spice up our homemade lunch menu :p
 We brought eggs,salted eggs,shrimps,fishes,vegetables,etc.

It was so crowded :o
Candid, took by Hans lol
 After we brought everything we need, we went to Hans' House. We arrived around 12pm, then we started to prepare the tools and ingredients we need.
 I cleaned the fishes and Hans cleaned the shrimps for me <3 He's being a good boyfriend eh <3 We were so excited. I didn't even notice Hans took pictures of me. 

excuse me :$
 I was too focusing that I don't even remember to take any pictures of him,until we finished cooking, luckily Hans remembered and took a quick picture of that moment<3

 Then, we started to cook the vegetables, fishes and shrimps. We didn't realize that it took us two hours to prepare our lunch <3

Taadaaaaa! Our Homemade Lunch on the Valentine Day<3
 The fishes and The Egg Salted Shrimps tasted delicious, but the vegetables was too sweet. I put too much soya sauce in it. lol. my bad :b

 We also decided to have seafood for our dinner, we went to cemara asri and randomly pick a seafood restaurant. It was at Hot Pan restaurant.

 We were so starving, We ordered crabs with hot pan sauce, grilled fishes , and ayam cabe hijau.

it was too much for two! lol
 We didn't finish all of it. It was too much for two people. lol. We had so much fun on our Valentine's Day, I love it <3

 more updates soon... <3

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