Monday, March 23, 2015

Bloopers on the other day ❤️

On this lovely 11th months, We didn't plan on any special occasion.
But, We have some bloopers to share.

Annie went to the salon and Hans was accompanying. Because of the teasing habits, here're some pictures of the bullies :D

I look like an Alien :0
excuse he wrong angle. lol
Well, It's nice to have a lovely patient boyfriend. But it turns out to be annoying, because instead of patiently waiting, he bullies you :(

We also did the cooking on the other day ❤

TADAAA! cooking time <3
The chicken soup, fried fish and fried chicken!
Have a good day 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Forgotten White Day

 Funny things happened on the white day, We don't even remember that 14 March is ''white day'' until We saw people celebrate it on the social medias. We had the funniest day. Here's the story :

 Early morning on the day, We went to breakfast as usual. We were about to upload more games into Hans' PS 3, so we went to Palladium Line One. Unfortunately, The shop was closed. It was so quiet there. Hans was being so cute, carrying PS 3 inside his backpack everywhere with him <3
 Just before we walk out the mall, Hans and I saw a 5D cinema counter. Curious took us there. The funny thing is, I chose the ''EVIL SISTER'' instantly, which is a horror movie. I knew Hans is really scared of horror movies and always shout so loud when he's terrified. Just because I intended to bully him, I insisted to watch the evil sister. Hans agreed. He said confidently "anything for you, Is not like I scared of horror movie.." LOL.
  But what could be more embarrassing when I was the one who scared more than him! I hardly keep my eyes open since the movie started. I remembered I only peek twice, and I also peek to see his Face and even grab his hand so tightly! He was scared either but he didn't close his eyes like I did. Omg! I realized this time I am more coward than him! It was getting scarier to know that It was just the two of us inside the room while It has 8 seats. You won't even know if someone either something else in the corner staring at you ... :|

- Written by Annie

    We decided to go out with her brother at night. Before we fetch her brother, we went to Centre Point Mall to buy mouse for her laptop. After we bought one, I went back to my car to put the mouse inside. Annie left me, she walked away to tease me. As usually we played around. While waiting for her brother to get ready, we were strolling around the mall. When we were about walk back to my car, I asked her for my car's key, but she couldn't find it. I was quite panic, and I started to think that I gave her my car's key while we were walking to the mall entrance. because I usually drop everything of my stuffs inside her bag, but not this time. She tried to convince me that I didn't give it to her and I might just throw the key inside the car when I put the mouse inside.

    I was stressed and panicked. I started to believe that I was so dumb to threw the key inside the car. I called my sister, asking if she has the duplicate's key with her or not. Unfortunately, She said the key's not with her! It took us 30 minutes to linger and stressing about my car keys in the parking area. The securities also helped us to look for the key around the parking mall while they suggested us to go back inside the mall and ask for help on the information counter.
   So we decided to ask the information counter inside the mall. Luckily we finally found it! On the information counter, the security gave it to us! Annie was the first person to point at my car keys happily! She didn't care how we lost it. Well, I was curious. So I asked the security where did they find it. It was on the toilet room :|
 I am the one to blame...! I admit that I was so clumsy :| But what makes the situation funnier is when Annie realized that I am the one to blame not her! She glanced fiercely and growling.. Lmao
I am sorry honey :D

        Then, we fetched her brother. We told him everything lol. We went to Cemara Asri to have dinner. Not to mention that I almost left my phone in the restaurant, luckily Annie remembered it. I think I need a brain surgery lol. After that, we went to karaoke, We spent 2 hours eating again and sang happily like there's no tomorrow. lol. We really had such an amazing and funny day on the forgotten " White day ". We took quick selfies too :D

 - written by Hans

more lovely updates soon... <3

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blogging and Vlogging ❤️

 Hello! Sorry for the late updates! We're happy to announce to all of you that we're planning on Vlogging too! We will have our Youtube channel very soon :) We also updated our page. You can visit to read more about us. We will also leave the Link to our youtube channel there later ❤️ We'd love to hear from you and Thank you so much for your supportive emails! ❤️

Annie Junita & Hans Alexander

Annie Junita

Hello, my name is Annie Junita. I was born in 1996.
I am a public Introvert and private Extrovert. I am really good at describing feelings. My hobbies are baking, singing, and blogging, I love writing a lot, It helps me to express my feelings. Blogging about personal life stories to me is just like writing a diary, It just I have to present it more formal and understandable for readers. I enjoyed blogging so much, and I hope my blogs can inspire people.

 This blog has two authors. This blog is about Personal Life Stories of myself and Hans, I also blog about things that has to do with distance relationship. I started this website at August 2014, I was blogging about my own drawings and cake recipes.
 Until one day, I posted Hans' drawing for me. And that's how it started, We decided to blog more about the long distance relationship. We were just about to find activities to do together when we're not around each other, and so far, blogging is really a good idea.
 I am so happy to receive emails from our members and readers, they're supportive and inspiring. I would love to keep in touch with all of them. Thank you so much!

 Hans Alexander

 Hi, my name is Hans Alexander. I was born in 1992
I am a public Introvert and private Extrovert person. And I am good at doing silly things.
My hobbies are all about sports and vehicles, especially Basketball and Cars. I follow every news about NBA and new cars. I really enjoyed playing, watching basketball and also watching tv shows about cars, especially the best and my favorite tv show ever " TOP GEAR ". 

This is the first time I am blogging, and I am enjoying it so much because I really love sharing my love life with Annie. I am not really good at writing, but Annie really helps me a lot to improve my writing skills. And this blog is one of our activities to spend time together when we were apart, and I really love it. At first we didn't expect that there would be so much readers, but I am so happy that we found lots of people really like our blog and we also received many emails from them. They are really supporting us to keep writing about this blog. Thank you for all of our readers! We would always keep in touch with you. bye byeee :D

- Hans & Annie

Monday, March 2, 2015

Celebrating Our First Chinese New Year Together (PART III)

As I wrote this story, I realized how much I loved him ❤️

 Hans' Family planned and invited me to join their short trip to another town for a night on the second day of Chinese New Year. We went to Brastagi Town,Medan. I have a great time with Hans on this trip,  so here's the story...

 Early morning on the day, We went to Hans' Grandpa House before we start our trip. Hans has a very lovely grandfather, and I often feel embarrassed because Hans always tease me around his grandfather. Oh I wish I could tease him back! but then, his grandfather will tease Hans. lol. Hans has his grandfather's face, somehow they look alike <3 and that's one of the reason why I adore his grandfather so much.

 After we left his grandfather's house we went to a breakfast, then we started our trip around 10 am. Hans and I slept in the car, while his sister at the front seat and her boyfriend drove.

 We stopped at Garuda's Restaurant at Green Hill and also stopped at the Corn stalls. Then, we continued the trip and we arrived our hotel around 11 am. We stayed at Mickey Holiday Hotels.

 After we arrived, we rest for a while. Then we went to the mickey holiday Fun Land. Hans is really an entertaining person. We ride some thrill rides, and played the arcade games. Hans shout out loud all the time, just to make sure that he's scared either he's still alive. I think he shouted for his life! lol. I was scared too, but when I noticed his voice was just too loud, I ended up holding a laugh and focused on him. I wonder if he's the guy I will marry and have a family with because This silly and lovely guy will entertain my kids with his natural lovely personalities and attitude. LOL, talking about Hans? Forever is never enough.

 So, after we're exhausted, we went back to our room hotel. We took a bath and a quick nap. I remember I was awake by Hans' voice. He was so excited and keep on shouting my name. He shouted "NIEEEE! Annie! You've got to see this!! The Volcano's Erupting!!! wake up!! come here!! Annie!!! come here honey!! It's for real!" I swear to god, I have hard time on opening my eyes and look for my eye glasses! then I rush to in front of the room to see what's going on. And TADAAA!

 I have no idea what was that... and Hans just interrupted my beauty sleep because of....? I was speechless, standing there staring at him. He said 'Wow..Lets took a picture of it Annie! grab the phone! hurry up!' So I hand him the phone, I saw he was so excited... And I love him.. I think its worth it, his face of being so excited and focused. We don't have the same point of view.. but we complete each other. I don't get to see him everyday... every seconds is important. and the real thing is, I love him for everything, for what ever he is. The love is real and here, never left. Every time, every day is just like the the other day, He is the home. It's indescribable.. He is important for me <3 but still, I was speechless..

 After that, we went to dinner. I think, This dinner was really not impressing. Well, let me tell you..

We had our dinner with some of his family members, his sisters, and cousins exclude the parents. So, at first it was fine. We had our dinner, and I ate quite a lot. Until suddenly, I saw something which I scared most. The BARONGSAI. omg... I cant explain more of what it is..

 Just by listening to the opening music made me scared, I tried to stay calm. But not until the barongsai came. I closed my eyes,and bla bla bla.. It was hard to explain, just by typing these.. I'm scared. His cousins captured the moment.. here's the embarrassing pictures...

 I hate that red thing.... really dislike... I cried.... err.. well, is that joyous face that shown from Hans' face? lol. I'll kill him eh.. So, I was blank.. what should I write next..? *sigh*
 After the dinner, We went back to hotel. We played card games with Hans' parents. It was a great moment <3 then after a while, we get ready for a midnight hot sulfur bath (pemandian Belerang)

**We dont take any pictures**

 After that, we went back to hotel. We launched sky lanterns that night. <3

Happy Kids <3
Then we went to sleep....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrating Our First Chinese New Year Together (PART II)

 There is a tradition in Chinese New Year, whenever we meet someone we have to greet the person by saying " Kiong Hi " which means prosperity and the person will give you Angpao/Red Packet. But, only married people allow to give the red packets to single people.

  Early morning on the first day of Chinese New Year, I went to Annie's house to greet her family. Annie and I received Angpao / Red Packet, We also had brunch together at her house.
  Then, I took Annie to my house to greet my family. After that, We went to my grandpa from my mother's house to greet my grandpa, my uncles and others family. It was so crowded, This is the first time Annie meet my mother's family and obviously she was a bit nervous! lol. It was a lovely day! We were chatting around with the others family members and had our lunch together.
 Annie really adore my grandpa, she said that my face really look alike with him. I teased her many times by saying "You can kiss grandpa's cheek or hold his hand, Honey.." Then she will start to blushing and clingy! She is so cute..isn't she? <3. After the gathering finished, Annie and I were exhausted, so we decided to go back to home and took a nap.

**We don't have the pictures with us**

 Annie was the first to woke up and she called me, our family was about to meet that day. Then, Annie's mom invited my family to have a dinner at her house, It was the first time our parents meet and get to know each other. We were talking, laughing around and having dinner together. I was so happy that our family meet up and spending quality time together. The foods that Annie's mom prepared were so delicious!

 Annie's mom really loves cooking and she is really a great chef. We ate so much, I couldn't even barely walk because my stomach was so full and I felt that It's going to explode in no time!

 After finished our dinner, We moved to the living room to sit, talking, and get to know more about each other. It's really a lovely day. Then I, Annie and my family left Annie's house and continued to visit my other's family member. We went to their house and spent time 'till night. Then we went back home. I am so happy that Annie has met my other family members and our parents had meet up and get to know each other. It's really a special day for us. <3 Happy Chinese New Year!

more updates soon...