Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrating Our First Chinese New Year Together (PART II)

 There is a tradition in Chinese New Year, whenever we meet someone we have to greet the person by saying " Kiong Hi " which means prosperity and the person will give you Angpao/Red Packet. But, only married people allow to give the red packets to single people.

  Early morning on the first day of Chinese New Year, I went to Annie's house to greet her family. Annie and I received Angpao / Red Packet, We also had brunch together at her house.
  Then, I took Annie to my house to greet my family. After that, We went to my grandpa from my mother's house to greet my grandpa, my uncles and others family. It was so crowded, This is the first time Annie meet my mother's family and obviously she was a bit nervous! lol. It was a lovely day! We were chatting around with the others family members and had our lunch together.
 Annie really adore my grandpa, she said that my face really look alike with him. I teased her many times by saying "You can kiss grandpa's cheek or hold his hand, Honey.." Then she will start to blushing and clingy! She is so cute..isn't she? <3. After the gathering finished, Annie and I were exhausted, so we decided to go back to home and took a nap.

**We don't have the pictures with us**

 Annie was the first to woke up and she called me, our family was about to meet that day. Then, Annie's mom invited my family to have a dinner at her house, It was the first time our parents meet and get to know each other. We were talking, laughing around and having dinner together. I was so happy that our family meet up and spending quality time together. The foods that Annie's mom prepared were so delicious!

 Annie's mom really loves cooking and she is really a great chef. We ate so much, I couldn't even barely walk because my stomach was so full and I felt that It's going to explode in no time!

 After finished our dinner, We moved to the living room to sit, talking, and get to know more about each other. It's really a lovely day. Then I, Annie and my family left Annie's house and continued to visit my other's family member. We went to their house and spent time 'till night. Then we went back home. I am so happy that Annie has met my other family members and our parents had meet up and get to know each other. It's really a special day for us. <3 Happy Chinese New Year!

more updates soon...

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