Monday, March 2, 2015

Celebrating Our First Chinese New Year Together (PART III)

As I wrote this story, I realized how much I loved him ❤️

 Hans' Family planned and invited me to join their short trip to another town for a night on the second day of Chinese New Year. We went to Brastagi Town,Medan. I have a great time with Hans on this trip,  so here's the story...

 Early morning on the day, We went to Hans' Grandpa House before we start our trip. Hans has a very lovely grandfather, and I often feel embarrassed because Hans always tease me around his grandfather. Oh I wish I could tease him back! but then, his grandfather will tease Hans. lol. Hans has his grandfather's face, somehow they look alike <3 and that's one of the reason why I adore his grandfather so much.

 After we left his grandfather's house we went to a breakfast, then we started our trip around 10 am. Hans and I slept in the car, while his sister at the front seat and her boyfriend drove.

 We stopped at Garuda's Restaurant at Green Hill and also stopped at the Corn stalls. Then, we continued the trip and we arrived our hotel around 11 am. We stayed at Mickey Holiday Hotels.

 After we arrived, we rest for a while. Then we went to the mickey holiday Fun Land. Hans is really an entertaining person. We ride some thrill rides, and played the arcade games. Hans shout out loud all the time, just to make sure that he's scared either he's still alive. I think he shouted for his life! lol. I was scared too, but when I noticed his voice was just too loud, I ended up holding a laugh and focused on him. I wonder if he's the guy I will marry and have a family with because This silly and lovely guy will entertain my kids with his natural lovely personalities and attitude. LOL, talking about Hans? Forever is never enough.

 So, after we're exhausted, we went back to our room hotel. We took a bath and a quick nap. I remember I was awake by Hans' voice. He was so excited and keep on shouting my name. He shouted "NIEEEE! Annie! You've got to see this!! The Volcano's Erupting!!! wake up!! come here!! Annie!!! come here honey!! It's for real!" I swear to god, I have hard time on opening my eyes and look for my eye glasses! then I rush to in front of the room to see what's going on. And TADAAA!

 I have no idea what was that... and Hans just interrupted my beauty sleep because of....? I was speechless, standing there staring at him. He said 'Wow..Lets took a picture of it Annie! grab the phone! hurry up!' So I hand him the phone, I saw he was so excited... And I love him.. I think its worth it, his face of being so excited and focused. We don't have the same point of view.. but we complete each other. I don't get to see him everyday... every seconds is important. and the real thing is, I love him for everything, for what ever he is. The love is real and here, never left. Every time, every day is just like the the other day, He is the home. It's indescribable.. He is important for me <3 but still, I was speechless..

 After that, we went to dinner. I think, This dinner was really not impressing. Well, let me tell you..

We had our dinner with some of his family members, his sisters, and cousins exclude the parents. So, at first it was fine. We had our dinner, and I ate quite a lot. Until suddenly, I saw something which I scared most. The BARONGSAI. omg... I cant explain more of what it is..

 Just by listening to the opening music made me scared, I tried to stay calm. But not until the barongsai came. I closed my eyes,and bla bla bla.. It was hard to explain, just by typing these.. I'm scared. His cousins captured the moment.. here's the embarrassing pictures...

 I hate that red thing.... really dislike... I cried.... err.. well, is that joyous face that shown from Hans' face? lol. I'll kill him eh.. So, I was blank.. what should I write next..? *sigh*
 After the dinner, We went back to hotel. We played card games with Hans' parents. It was a great moment <3 then after a while, we get ready for a midnight hot sulfur bath (pemandian Belerang)

**We dont take any pictures**

 After that, we went back to hotel. We launched sky lanterns that night. <3

Happy Kids <3
Then we went to sleep....

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