Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Forgotten White Day

 Funny things happened on the white day, We don't even remember that 14 March is ''white day'' until We saw people celebrate it on the social medias. We had the funniest day. Here's the story :

 Early morning on the day, We went to breakfast as usual. We were about to upload more games into Hans' PS 3, so we went to Palladium Line One. Unfortunately, The shop was closed. It was so quiet there. Hans was being so cute, carrying PS 3 inside his backpack everywhere with him <3
 Just before we walk out the mall, Hans and I saw a 5D cinema counter. Curious took us there. The funny thing is, I chose the ''EVIL SISTER'' instantly, which is a horror movie. I knew Hans is really scared of horror movies and always shout so loud when he's terrified. Just because I intended to bully him, I insisted to watch the evil sister. Hans agreed. He said confidently "anything for you, Is not like I scared of horror movie.." LOL.
  But what could be more embarrassing when I was the one who scared more than him! I hardly keep my eyes open since the movie started. I remembered I only peek twice, and I also peek to see his Face and even grab his hand so tightly! He was scared either but he didn't close his eyes like I did. Omg! I realized this time I am more coward than him! It was getting scarier to know that It was just the two of us inside the room while It has 8 seats. You won't even know if someone either something else in the corner staring at you ... :|

- Written by Annie

    We decided to go out with her brother at night. Before we fetch her brother, we went to Centre Point Mall to buy mouse for her laptop. After we bought one, I went back to my car to put the mouse inside. Annie left me, she walked away to tease me. As usually we played around. While waiting for her brother to get ready, we were strolling around the mall. When we were about walk back to my car, I asked her for my car's key, but she couldn't find it. I was quite panic, and I started to think that I gave her my car's key while we were walking to the mall entrance. because I usually drop everything of my stuffs inside her bag, but not this time. She tried to convince me that I didn't give it to her and I might just throw the key inside the car when I put the mouse inside.

    I was stressed and panicked. I started to believe that I was so dumb to threw the key inside the car. I called my sister, asking if she has the duplicate's key with her or not. Unfortunately, She said the key's not with her! It took us 30 minutes to linger and stressing about my car keys in the parking area. The securities also helped us to look for the key around the parking mall while they suggested us to go back inside the mall and ask for help on the information counter.
   So we decided to ask the information counter inside the mall. Luckily we finally found it! On the information counter, the security gave it to us! Annie was the first person to point at my car keys happily! She didn't care how we lost it. Well, I was curious. So I asked the security where did they find it. It was on the toilet room :|
 I am the one to blame...! I admit that I was so clumsy :| But what makes the situation funnier is when Annie realized that I am the one to blame not her! She glanced fiercely and growling.. Lmao
I am sorry honey :D

        Then, we fetched her brother. We told him everything lol. We went to Cemara Asri to have dinner. Not to mention that I almost left my phone in the restaurant, luckily Annie remembered it. I think I need a brain surgery lol. After that, we went to karaoke, We spent 2 hours eating again and sang happily like there's no tomorrow. lol. We really had such an amazing and funny day on the forgotten " White day ". We took quick selfies too :D

 - written by Hans

more lovely updates soon... <3

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