Sunday, April 26, 2015


 We woke up around 6.30 pm and get ready for dining, We both really enjoyed the night. Centara Grand Mirage has a very loving environment at night.
 As we walked down to the beach, I took a picture. We're surrounded by many giant candle statues, They're the only light around the beach. It was a very romantic feeling they represent.

 After we arrived at the beach, they lead us to our seats. It was not so crowded because we had reserved and arrived quite early. But after awhile, They're bunch of people queue for their seats, most of them were tourists.

 Hans and I love their BBQ seafood and Spaghetti, They tasted perfect <3

 In the middle of dining, They put on a show. It was a Hawaiian Dance and Fire dance. I enjoyed their fire dance show, It was very nice. Perhaps, the best fire dance show I've ever seen. They didn't exaggerate it, they made it seems fun.

 Centara Grand Mirage has a Beach BBQ event every Thursday start from 7pm. Besides the Hawaiian dance and fire dance, They still have another dance show. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier because we have to go to watch Tiffany's show at 9PM. Before we leave, We saw it for a while, I think it was a Tarzan dance show? 

 However, as I told, Centara Grand Mirage is a must place to stay if you went to pattaya. Especially for family with kids. 
 Next, we headed to The Tiffany's show to see the cabaret show. They're so many ladyboy there, and they're all so pretty. They also have a very nice body, and they performed a really great dance shows.
Cameras or recording are not allowed when the show is running, people only allowed to take pictures with the ladyboys across the building or before entering the Theatre. 

Then, we went back to our hotel around 11 pm, Exhausted but every moments totally worth it.
Here's my scratched elbow :( Luckily I have my babysitter by my side <3
He take a good care of me. 

''The most precious moments are the ones you have together''

Thursday, April 23, 2015


 We were exhausted and really hungry on the journey to our hotel at Pattaya. But, everything changed when we finally arrived at The Centara Grand Mirage Hotel and Resort.

View from the Balcony <3
It worth the wait! We booked the Family Suit, and our room was upgraded to the Premium Family suit at the day. Lovely!
Random shot at the waterboom park.
The first impression when we walked into the waterboom, It felt like we've lost in the modern jungle. I noticed that they renovated the decoration, They used to had a Giant Kingkong statue hanging at the entrance air.

 Hans and I played around the waterboom, The weather was quite hot burning. But, It didn't stop us from having fun! We really enjoyed days at Pattaya!

 We played around start from 11 am until 4 pm, It was a very lovely experience that we brought from the Centara Grand Mirage Resort. Even It's crowded, you still can find a quiet place. It has many pools, seats areas and playing areas. 
 They also have a good and organized services, this place is most recommended for family with kids. <3

Exploring the Waterboom and private beach, tanning under the sun. We're the happy kids! We enjoyed every single moments spent on the day.

Playing around, I got my personal babysitter! We explored the whole caves and pass through every mini waterfalls. I got my hair and face drown because of my lovely babysitter eh. lol

WEFIEE! Tanning! Enjoying the sun heat! We Ain't Asian that afraid of tanned skin! :p
And yeah, I even lost my swimming glasses which we just bought at the place and I haven't wear them yet. Feeling at the jungle already :D

We forgot our lunch but feeling no hungry. So we decided to get some ice cream. And this is mine. 

 Actually we planned to celebrate our anniversary at the Radiust Restaurant at Cape Dara Resort, but we ended up reserve the Beach BBQ at Centara private beach. Then, We went back to our room at 5 pm, clean up and fell asleep. We had a good sleep. 

To be continued....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 We rent a private car headed to Pattaya early in the morning around 8 am. Before we reached our hotel, We went to Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Pattaya.
 We arrived the zoo around 9 am, We were so excited! The zoo appeared to be so big and It has a really nice environment. We were exploring the zoo using the Golf cart that we rent, It was a lovely day. The first animals that we saw are deer.

One of them has a very weird eyes, it's a hazel blue. They are cute!
 After that, We continue exploring the zoo, We parked and walked to see the penguins and goats.
 Annie really loves penguins so much, and I can see that she was really happy and excited watching the penguins inside the aquariums. she made her cute face and asked me to bring one home. I can't help myself to hug and kiss her, She is too cute hahaha.. We also saw many others animals, especially amazed of the hippopotamus and rhinoceros. Annie also excited when she saw many giraffes, We stopped by and feed the giraffes too. It was really fun and really entertained, but the weather was too hot, It kind of made us lazy to stop by and see other animals closer.

At the halfway while exploring the zoo, I exchange the seat with my sister. So she drove because she wanted to drive it. I and Annie sit at the back seat. While we were about to get on the golf cart, my sister didn't know that Annie hasn't ready yet, she suddenly accelerated and Annie fell down from the golf cart, she hurt and got scratched on her right elbow. Luckily she was okay and had no serious injury. I was quite mad to my sister though, but it was an accident. Sigh :( :( :(

 Khao Kheow is a must visit place when you go to pattaya. It's one of Pattaya best attractions as well. You will at least need 2-3 Hours to spent inside. 

A small reptile suddenly appeared on the road. #quicksnap

We only spent 2 hours inside, because we're too exhausted and the mood slowly went down since Annie fell down. So, we decided to continue our journey to our hotel at Pattaya.
To be continued...

-Written by Hans,

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 We had so much unexpected moments, funny and lovely stories to share. We might cannot tell in details, but we will try to share to you the exact feelings and moments we're into.

 This is the first time I went to Thailand, and It has been awhile since Hans went to Thailand. We went to Thailand with Hans' sister. Thailand's celebrating the new year, People play Songkran everywhere. We didn't go to Thailand for Songkran, It was a coincidence. And to be honest, I was so annoyed by it. Terrible. I've prepared for the worst but still, at the end of the day I was still not ready.

 We arrived around 6 pm. Actually we were about to went somewhere else, but her sister decided to go to King Power, So we went to King Power. After that, We stroll around our hotel for street foods culinary.
 There're so many drunk pedestrians playing songkran, I got shot twice and the last time kinda hurt. I hate them :(

 Here is the only street food picture I took. We always forgot to take a picture of it lol.
The famous mango sticky rice? I don't like it. I prefer their sausages,grilled squids, prawns, fish, tom yum as well. Too bad I didn't take any picture of it.

More updates soon <3