Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 We rent a private car headed to Pattaya early in the morning around 8 am. Before we reached our hotel, We went to Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Pattaya.
 We arrived the zoo around 9 am, We were so excited! The zoo appeared to be so big and It has a really nice environment. We were exploring the zoo using the Golf cart that we rent, It was a lovely day. The first animals that we saw are deer.

One of them has a very weird eyes, it's a hazel blue. They are cute!
 After that, We continue exploring the zoo, We parked and walked to see the penguins and goats.
 Annie really loves penguins so much, and I can see that she was really happy and excited watching the penguins inside the aquariums. she made her cute face and asked me to bring one home. I can't help myself to hug and kiss her, She is too cute hahaha.. We also saw many others animals, especially amazed of the hippopotamus and rhinoceros. Annie also excited when she saw many giraffes, We stopped by and feed the giraffes too. It was really fun and really entertained, but the weather was too hot, It kind of made us lazy to stop by and see other animals closer.

At the halfway while exploring the zoo, I exchange the seat with my sister. So she drove because she wanted to drive it. I and Annie sit at the back seat. While we were about to get on the golf cart, my sister didn't know that Annie hasn't ready yet, she suddenly accelerated and Annie fell down from the golf cart, she hurt and got scratched on her right elbow. Luckily she was okay and had no serious injury. I was quite mad to my sister though, but it was an accident. Sigh :( :( :(

 Khao Kheow is a must visit place when you go to pattaya. It's one of Pattaya best attractions as well. You will at least need 2-3 Hours to spent inside. 

A small reptile suddenly appeared on the road. #quicksnap

We only spent 2 hours inside, because we're too exhausted and the mood slowly went down since Annie fell down. So, we decided to continue our journey to our hotel at Pattaya.
To be continued...

-Written by Hans,

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