Sunday, April 26, 2015


 We woke up around 6.30 pm and get ready for dining, We both really enjoyed the night. Centara Grand Mirage has a very loving environment at night.
 As we walked down to the beach, I took a picture. We're surrounded by many giant candle statues, They're the only light around the beach. It was a very romantic feeling they represent.

 After we arrived at the beach, they lead us to our seats. It was not so crowded because we had reserved and arrived quite early. But after awhile, They're bunch of people queue for their seats, most of them were tourists.

 Hans and I love their BBQ seafood and Spaghetti, They tasted perfect <3

 In the middle of dining, They put on a show. It was a Hawaiian Dance and Fire dance. I enjoyed their fire dance show, It was very nice. Perhaps, the best fire dance show I've ever seen. They didn't exaggerate it, they made it seems fun.

 Centara Grand Mirage has a Beach BBQ event every Thursday start from 7pm. Besides the Hawaiian dance and fire dance, They still have another dance show. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier because we have to go to watch Tiffany's show at 9PM. Before we leave, We saw it for a while, I think it was a Tarzan dance show? 

 However, as I told, Centara Grand Mirage is a must place to stay if you went to pattaya. Especially for family with kids. 
 Next, we headed to The Tiffany's show to see the cabaret show. They're so many ladyboy there, and they're all so pretty. They also have a very nice body, and they performed a really great dance shows.
Cameras or recording are not allowed when the show is running, people only allowed to take pictures with the ladyboys across the building or before entering the Theatre. 

Then, we went back to our hotel around 11 pm, Exhausted but every moments totally worth it.
Here's my scratched elbow :( Luckily I have my babysitter by my side <3
He take a good care of me. 

''The most precious moments are the ones you have together''

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