Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 We had so much unexpected moments, funny and lovely stories to share. We might cannot tell in details, but we will try to share to you the exact feelings and moments we're into.

 This is the first time I went to Thailand, and It has been awhile since Hans went to Thailand. We went to Thailand with Hans' sister. Thailand's celebrating the new year, People play Songkran everywhere. We didn't go to Thailand for Songkran, It was a coincidence. And to be honest, I was so annoyed by it. Terrible. I've prepared for the worst but still, at the end of the day I was still not ready.

 We arrived around 6 pm. Actually we were about to went somewhere else, but her sister decided to go to King Power, So we went to King Power. After that, We stroll around our hotel for street foods culinary.
 There're so many drunk pedestrians playing songkran, I got shot twice and the last time kinda hurt. I hate them :(

 Here is the only street food picture I took. We always forgot to take a picture of it lol.
The famous mango sticky rice? I don't like it. I prefer their sausages,grilled squids, prawns, fish, tom yum as well. Too bad I didn't take any picture of it.

More updates soon <3

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