Friday, May 1, 2015


     We arrived Bangkok in the morning around 11am. We were still quite exhausted. So, after we arrived at our hotel we ordered foods from hotel and had our lunch in our hotel room, then we took a nap, rest till evening. We woke up around 5 pm and get ready for another of our anniversary dinner at La Scala Restaurant.

  I really love The Sukhothai Hotel and The La Scala, La Scala is located inside the Sukhothai. A clean and cozy atmosphere! At La Scala, They designed the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, We can see their chefs cooking and working on their art dishes, I really love it. La Scala also has an excellent hospitality. I really recommend this restaurant and is a must place to go if you want to have a lovely dinner with your beloved one or family.

    We were really craving for lobsters after we had our last vacation dinner at Jimbaran bay Bali. We noticed Their menu has a Boston Lobster with spaggethi, Annie loves spaggethi! So, we ordered it. Annie was so excited. We also ordered Schiacciatina Pizza, Mocktail and Wine. All the foods tasted perfect, We really had a great night together and perfect dinner on our celebration of first year anniversary.

    After finished the dinner, we meet up with my sister and went to Si Lom District. This district is unique because it's well known as gay areas, there have several gay lounges and club. It also has a quite big night market. We strolled around the area for awhile, but we didn't buy anything from the market. Before we headed back to our hotel, we bought a card deck. We played in our hotel room together along with my sister. This was the first time Annie play " capsa susun " card game and surprisingly amazing she was really good at it. She was really excited and focused while playing it.

 I was laughing at her for many times! Her face was so cute while she was focused, arranging her cards. She even unconsciously ignored me when I asked her to take a selfie together, and she cutely boasted a lot and so happy when she won a game. hahaha.. We really had a great day, and I am so happy that everything was perfect on our first year anniversary.

 It's been a year since we've been together. We had lots of great and funny moments together in our first year. I love you Annie.. So much.. You are my everything in my life and my best woman. You support me with everything I do, you really taking a good care of me, patiently guide and teach me to be a better person, and most importantly accept me and all my flaws. I am sorry for the mistakes that I had done and disappointed you. I am so thankful and blessed to have you by my side. I will always love you Annie.. One and only. Forever..