Saturday, June 20, 2015


 We spent a day for a city tour at DamnoenSaduak City, The city tour took us to the Floating Market, Elephant Village, Tiger zoo.
Our tour guide was behind us
 We started our day at 8 am, We went to the DamnoenSaduak Floating Market. We arrived at The Boat Station on 10 am. We rent the boat for 1 hour, It took us to the Floating market downtown. We bought some food, souvenirs. After that, We went to the temple. We were too lazy to get into the temple, so we only feed the fish in front of the temple. After feed the fish, we were supposed to see the snakes show, but the show ended at 11 am. It was too late, so We went back to the Boat Station. We rest for a while and drank free flow coconuts.

feeding fish

 After that we continued our trip to the Elephant Village for Elephants Riding, When we arrived the weather was so hot. It was really annoying but we still decided to ride an elephant.
 When we walked up the stairs, I was attracted with the other elephant across the elephant that I should've ride. I told Hans that I wanted to ride that elephant, and they finally gave me to ride that elephant! I asked the name of the elephant, they named it Bun Thong! so cute! He was a boy and He was 15.

 After that, we went to the tiger zoo. The sun was getting so so so hot hotter than before. The feeding should be done outdoor, we were too exhausted so we decided to leave. We cancelled the tiger feeding. So, we went back to Bangkok. We were actually about to go back to the hotel but Hans' sister wanted to go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. So we accompanied her.

my baby is sleeping.....<3

 After we arrived it was so crowded and so hot, We strolled around and we found the foodcourt. Hans and I decided to take away our lunch and went back to the hotel earlier because the foodcourt places is not comfortable, too narrow and hot.

P.S : some pictures are missing.. :')

Monday, June 15, 2015


   We woke up around 9 am and get ready to go to the Ocean World Siam Paragon Mall. Before we went to the ocean world, We had our breakfast inside the mall, they have so many kind of food.
   After we finished our breakfast, we went to the ocean world. Annie was so excited because she can't wait to see the penguins. We strolled around the ocean world and finally we met the penguins.

 The penguins were so funny, the way they are walking, jumping and swimming are so cute!  Annie was so happy watching the penguins playing and swimming around, she even asked me with her cute face " can I take them home? " I hardly avoid her cuteness and said " I am sorry we can't honey, they won't survive in our weather and it's illegal" then she made her sad cutest face she ever had and keep on watching the penguins again.

 After Annie satisfied look for the penguins, We also look for others ocean creatures, there are so many unique creatures that we haven't seen before, then we found an aquarium tunnel with many Sharks. They are so scary with their sharp teeth and huge body.

 After done walking around inside the Ocean World, we headed to the Central world Shopping mall, the biggest shopping mall in bangkok. We stroll around, have some smoothie, doughnut and bought some clothes. 

We were so tired and decided to go back earlier to our hotel to get rest.

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