Monday, July 13, 2015

TRIP TO BANGKOK (The Bangkok China Town)

 The Bangkok China Town

 We went to the Bangkok China Town twice.

The first time we decided to go to the Bangkok China town to have our dinner,

 When we reached there, It was so crowded and has so many food stalls along the street. While walking around the street, we found noodle stalls and decided to try some. We ordered one bowl and split it half on each stalls, we don't want to eat too much, because there're still so many food stalls waiting for us :P. The noodles taste fine. We tried 3-4 different noodles. While eating, Annie was attracted to the food stalls across the street from our eating place, and wanted to try some after we finished our noodles. So we moved there, It was a very warm welcome when we first approached the stall. They keep on trying to communicate with us, they even spoke mandarin, I was quite confused. So,I kept silence and let Annie talked to them. lol

 We ordered bee hoon and satay, I have to say that we really loved it! It tasted so good! The chef is also really friendly. Perhaps the best food stall at the bangkok china town! DELICIOUS!

We forgot the name and the road of this bee hoon stall, but we sure will find this bee hoon stall when we went back here again. We continued walk around the street, then we found seafood barbecued stalls, We bought and take away the squids barbecue and boiled scallop. We both really such an eating machine! hahaha. Our stomach were so full, So we decided to go back to our hotel.

 The second time we went to the Bangkok China Town,

   Before we finally arrived China Town, our taxi driver was really friendly. He drove us around the downtown city to see the Khao San Road and the famous official residence of the the Kings, The Grand Palace. We really wanted to look inside The Grand Palace, but it was closed for the tourists. He also took us to the Sanam Luang, place for the Festival Celebration.

 After we arrived China Town, we found seafood stalls and decided to try. The stall was really busy and crowded. We ordered Fried Bee Hon Seafood and Scallop Mushroom, and both taste so delicious. 

 After finished our food, we continued stroll around the road until Annie spotted a guy who sell many kinds of cute balloons. She cheers happily like a kid!  "Balloon!! Minion! Minion!" 
 So I decided to approach the guy, but Annie was embarrassed. She tried to pull me away, yet I pull her back and bought the minion balloon for her. She was really happy that she got the balloon and asked to get back to hotel as soon as possible! lol. But, She was kind of shy to hold the balloon while walking on the road. So, I hold it for her while she kept on staring it flying around the top of my head, she also hit the balloon many times! lol.
 Then, We continued walk along the road, until we found a store that sell many kinds of cooking paste. We heard that tom yum pastes are so famous in Thailand, so we bought some of it. We were quite exhausted, so after we bought it we went back to our hotel to get rest.