Friday, September 4, 2015

Our 2nd Birthday Celebration

This was the second time we celebrated our birthdays together. Everything was so unexpected, Things didn't turn out as we planned.

(Annie's Birthday was written by Hans. Hans' Birthday was written by Annie)

Hans' Birthday, 23 July 2015

 It was his Birthday, But A day before his birthday I got a fever and a bad diarrhea. I was so dying, I lost my appetite, and my whole body was so limp. I was so sad, I told him that I must get better before his birthday. We didn't go anywhere that day, we stayed at home to recover.

 Funny things happened, all the day. I don't know should I tell it or not because it was super embarrassing for me. hahahaha.
 All I can tell is, Hans really took a good care of me that day. He has became my full time babysitter. It was going to be his birthday but I was the one who enjoyed so much of his companions and love. I couldn't ask for anything better. He got everything I need and wanted<3

 The next day, my whole body was still limp.. :( We couldn't celebrate his birthday. He told me it was fine. Instead of having quality time together, This time we involved his sister. We spent the day with her. It was a very lovely day. I always enjoy the pillow talk with her while Hans patiently listening lol <3<3
 At the evening, we went for groceries shopping. I bought things that I need for baking. I was about to bake a birthday cake for him.. (Again.) I swear this time was not as messy as last year. lol

 We arrived home around 9pm, And we start baking. It has been awhile I didn't bake anything. It took me three times to finally can bake his birthday cake. The first time It turned out to be so small and thin layered. The second time It turned out to be better, until The third time It turned out to be perfect as I wanted <3
 I baked two tire cake with an abstract design, simple made yet fine hahahaha. Im glad he loved it. And yeah, It tasted sooo yummy! :p

And not forget to mention that, he helped me to mix the cream <3
My dear is so lovely <3

We took pictures with the cake on the next day, because we finished baking the cake around 10 pm lol. and we were both so exhausted.

So, that was how his birthday turned out to be. unexpected and fun. Well, I really really loved it. It was definitely something different lmao. And Lot of things happened that day. LOL

Annie's Birthday, 13 June 2015
(Annie's Birthday was written by Hans. Hans' Birthday was written by Annie)

 The night before her birthday, she had a surprise from her mom. A homemade cake from her mom..

 On her birthday, We had our brunch at Sushi Tei. Annie craved for salmon hana ikura almost a week without absent. I really hate the smell of it, I just don't know what makes it so delicious to her. It tastes really weird, she always tease me to eat it. For the revenge, I had beef floss sushi roll. She really dislike beef floss so bad. So, we played the rock-paper-scissors game and whoever lose will have to eat the food that we dislike.
 Most of the time I won but Annie was so irritated that She started to force me to eat the salmon egg even though I won the game lol. I really want to puke when I ate it.
 After that, We went to the cinema to queue for San Andreas Ticket. It was so crowded, We realized that It was hopeless to watch the San Andreas that day. So we decided to queue for another movie at the premiere. We ended up watching the Jurassic World and Insidious 3 that day. We bought the Jurassic World ticket at 11am and Insidious at 9 pm.

 After we watched The Jurassic Park movie,

 We went to the JW Marriot Hotel. I had prepared her a birthday surprise. When we arrived the hotel, I showed the surprise to her, It was lots of pink balloons and two big size gold balloons shaped number 19. I'm glad She really loved it. We played around happily like babies and took some pictures lol.

 After that, We get ready for her birthday dinner at The Prime Steakhouse. We really enjoyed our dinner and talked many about funny things. It has been awhile..

 After that, we headed to the Centrepoint Mall to watch the Insidious 3. Actually, all of this time, everytime we watch a movie, Just before the movie started, I always pick up my favorite caramel popcorn. Annie always tease me secretly by putting a rolled up piece of ticket into my popcorn. She laughed happily whenever I finally chewed the rolled up ticket, she also like to throw the ticket over me until I started to get annoyed then I throw it back to her. That was just how the throwing ticket war started. lol.

 After we watched the Insidious 3, It was already midnight, we were both hungry again. So we went for supper until we were so full and exhausted. Then we went back home and have a great sleep.

 Simple but It was a lovely and happy day, spending her birthday together. Happy Birthday My Love, I Love You so much. You are my other half and my partner for everything in my life till forever. <3

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