Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'' Us and The Relationship Struggles ''

Written by Annie

  It has been awhile since We didn't do any updates, We're still at the beginning stage of our relationship, and There are a lot of things going on in our relationships. We've been through ups and downs, The power struggles in relationships and many more. Even though We're in a long distance relationship, We're just like the other couples. We love, argue, any thing that couples do, yet we stay together. We're still learning about each other, compromising and commitment.

 Time flies! I remembered I was just 17 and He was just 21. We were both so young! Well, It was just 2 years ago and we're still as young as we were 2 years ago. lol.
 I'm glad to see we're improving, and growing together. The other things doesn't matter at all, We are what matters in our life right now.

 It is right that '' to love and being loved is the most beautiful thing in this world. ''

 Life is more colorful. Even at the boring times, just by being together on the phone call could means everything.  I am not the type of person that agree on the idea of Long Distance Relationship, but imagine how Love has changed me. We were in Long Distance Relationship since we knew each other, We never meet more than 3 weeks. He was a very patient person, a loving boyfriend and It seems like I've wanted him forever in my life. The struggles in our relationship, is just the beginning. The more I tried to resist, the more I realized He is the one. He could handle me at my worst, Neither of us is perfect. But by being there at every moment, through the ups and downs.. It was so meaningful. I love him for every thing he is, there is no fault in him. Even if there is, I may be upset but not upset enough to ever can leave him alone. Because He never stop trying for us, and I know He won't. And I'll be choosing him, I'll stay and keep on choosing him. This feeling is completely conscious but uncontrollable. And It is not about the butterflies anymore. It is real. The love is real. (hehe.. deep sayings but I really meant it.) I am in love and will always love. 
 I also read this somewhere ( I forgot ) It tells us that '' In order to have a good relationship, We must see the good and the bad, the best and the worst of our partner before the marriage, and see/focus more on the good, and the positives side of him/her after the marriage. ''
 I agreed. We also don't change a person to be as what we want, We want them to be better or accept them as they are. and We don't expect them to must change. They will change by themselves Because they love us. and They want to be better for us. 

 If one of us made mistake, the one should feel guilty (admit the mistakes) and change. While the other one forgive and compromise ( trying to deal with the trust issues/disappointment ). Help each other through the hard times, not blaming or exiling. You can't expect both of you know what to do, but you can find out what to do together. Don't ever seek the answers outside, they don't know what you've been through, neither walk in your shoes. You are the one who is in the relationship and in love, you have to find the answer by yourself or with your partner. Because, the relationship is about you and your partner.

Written by Hans

  The first time we knew each other It was 2 years ago, we were so young. We were just like other couples, We were in butterflies, we spent a lot of great times together, laughing and playing around.  As the time goes by, I've changed a lot, and I used to be know nothing about responsibilities that I have to carry on to be her man.

  A Lot of things going on in my life and our relationship, We've been through ups and downs. Most of it, It was me, I've done a lot of mistakes, I was so stupid and childish. I have disappointed her for so many times. I feel so bad about myself and still, she forgave me and patiently guide me to be a better man. I am so lucky to have her by my side, I will prove myself and her that I will be a better man and I will never stop fighting for us. I promise to give us a better life and a better future.

  It's been almost 2 years that we are together and we are in long distance relationship. We spend a lot of time in phone calls, telling about our days and stories. But just by phone call it means everything to me, I don't feel lonely whenever I am with her. Even if it just a phone or a video call. But Sometimes it's still feels hard for me because I miss her so much and I need her to always be by my side. But our love makes us stronger and better. We can face every problems that comes to us as long as we both are together. I am so happy that we're growing and improving, become a better person and mature. Now, all of my life and what I've became is about and because of her. 

  She is the one who can handle me even at my worst. What matters now in my life is about her and us. She is the best woman in my life, and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I Love You Annie.. Always And Forever.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

1 Year and 6 Months

 We didn't celebrate the 1 year and 6 months, we're spending the day as usual. At the same day, my eldest brother was on his 28th Birthday <3

 On 17 October 2015 Morning, We went to Hans' business meeting, we spent the day as usual. 

 Hans has no clue that It was our 1 year and 6 months. Last week he was the one who reminds me, but at the day He didn't remember anything. lol

( ... I don't mind either he remember or not because I've told him last week that I didn't want any formal dates. While he asked for a fine dining. I prefer it casual, just like the other day. But we both agreed that we're just going to spent the day as usual.)

 I decided to tell him on the next day, because at the same day my eldest brother was celebrating his 28's Birthday.
 But on the evening, while I was busy wandering everywhere to get ready...

 He was blushing! and suddenly came closer, whispered  '' Happy Anniversary.... I just realized it when I checked on the date... '' I can see His sad, guilty and shy face.. It was really really cute! LOL.

Happy 1 year and 6 months, My Love <3

 After that, We left earlier and went to the driving range. 

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- Annie Junita