Monday, October 19, 2015

1 Year and 6 Months

 We didn't celebrate the 1 year and 6 months, we're spending the day as usual. At the same day, my eldest brother was on his 28th Birthday <3

 On 17 October 2015 Morning, We went to Hans' business meeting, we spent the day as usual. 

 Hans has no clue that It was our 1 year and 6 months. Last week he was the one who reminds me, but at the day He didn't remember anything. lol

( ... I don't mind either he remember or not because I've told him last week that I didn't want any formal dates. While he asked for a fine dining. I prefer it casual, just like the other day. But we both agreed that we're just going to spent the day as usual.)

 I decided to tell him on the next day, because at the same day my eldest brother was celebrating his 28's Birthday.
 But on the evening, while I was busy wandering everywhere to get ready...

 He was blushing! and suddenly came closer, whispered  '' Happy Anniversary.... I just realized it when I checked on the date... '' I can see His sad, guilty and shy face.. It was really really cute! LOL.

Happy 1 year and 6 months, My Love <3

 After that, We left earlier and went to the driving range. 

More at Youtube :

- Annie Junita

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