Monday, November 16, 2015

The ''Worth It!'' Travel Diary : Bali Experience

 Hans and I are an eating machine, We have a big appetite. We also have a different taste in food. This time, we're about to review some foods that we remembered to take the picture just before we ate them. lol.
We'll only review the foods and places that recommended, worth try, delicious and giving a good impression based on our opinion and taste. 
Here are some of foods and places reviews from our last trip in Bali :
  • The Mozaic, Bali

     There are two Mozaic in Bali, Hans and I actually planned to go to the Mozaic that located in Ubud, but We only went to Ubud for a day. So we ended up visiting the Mozaic Beach Club that located in Seminyak. The Mozaic Beach Club is One of my favorite dining place in Bali. It is a must-visit-place! I fall in love right away as I arrived! Words can't describe how beautiful the sunset view, and the feeling of being here. It has a perfect ambience! and a very romantic view from our dining table (make sure you reserved before visit).

The food also tastes delicious, We can't remember the details but they are all Worth It! 

  • Jimbaran Bay, Bali

    The Jimbaran Bay is also a must-visit-place! An endless beach, perfect place for a romantic dinner, enjoying the beach and seafood! There're also live bands and beach performers. We had dinner at Matahari Restaurant, It was recommended by our taxi driver. This place is also amazing when the sun is about to set! It was too windy that day, But everything was still perfect! I would definitely visit this place again! <3

    We ordered the seafood medium package, for 2-3 people. It was around IDR 1,500k. Everything tasted perfect except the wine. lol, next time, try to order the package with beers.  

    There are also corn stalls around the seashore, mmm ;9 It tasted really yummy! munching a warm Roasted corn at the beach! Auch, I miss it so much <3

  • Potato Head Beach Club, Bali

    The Potato Head Beach Club Bali, is a really famous place for tourists, especially on December. It was rainy, and This place is really crowded. It was really hopeless for us to reserved the Cabanas during the new year eve. Even we arrived early, at 11.05. It was just late 5 mins after they opened, It was all fully booked. We wait for more than 3 hours, at last we decided to order our lunch, strolling around and leave. Quite disappointed though. 

    We ordered wagyu beef burger at IDR 145, Baked Salmon Loin with Succhini and Tomato at IDR 150, and Grilled Chicken at IDR 145.
    We also ordered the very delicious cheese platter! It was my fav! <3 Fine Cheese Platter at IDR 265k. It was all Worth It!

  • The Breeze Restaurant, The Samaya Bali

     The Samaya is also one of our fav place in Bali, The entrance gave us a warm feeling and welcomed. A romantic scene during sunsets, and good service. We had our dinner at The Breeze Restaurant inside The Samaya, and we also stroll around the Kuta Beach. This place is a must-visit-place! Lovely! <3

    We forgot what we ordered, except The Coconut Juice! It is the best! I would visit again for it! The best coconut juice I ever had! Perfect for hot weather! It was all Worth It! yumm;9

    - More updates coming soon - 

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