Saturday, November 21, 2015

The ''Worth It!'' Travel Diary : Bali Experience

  • Vue Beach Club , Lv8 Bali

The Vue Beach Club is a really lovely place, It's like a hidden gem (It was located quite out of the way in Bali) ! Hans and I enjoyed this place so much. It has beautiful views, every side of this place has its own beauty. This place is a really perfect place for relaxing and slacking. We spent more than 4 hours here. There are so many seats, Even if it's crowded, This place is still giving a relax feelings. If you prefer more privacy, you can reserve the Gazebo. It can fit 4-6 people.

Last time, We reserved the gazebo. The price is higher on the high season, the minimal spending is around IDR 1,500k. We had brunch here, The cocktails taste really good, the fried rice was fine, the pizza was fine, the sop buntut was delicious and I remembered there was a tourist asking for what I'm having, It was a beef steaks, It looks and tasted really good. Overall, It was really Worth It! We would revisit this lovely place again! <3 (Read more at (

  • Bebek Bengil ( Dirty Duck Diner ) Restaurant , Ubud Bali

    This place is really famous, huge, crowded and hot, We forgot to reserved and chose the wrong table. It is better to reserved earlier, and reserved the back outdoor tables, It has a beautiful view.

    The food tasted OK, slow service, and not as special as it was told, maybe we did not chose the right dishes or too hungry. Because mine tasted quite better than Hans and my brother's. Not bad, It was Worth Try! also, this place is located near the sacred monkey forest. <3 ( read more at ...Bali Trip Part 2 )

  • Lasal, Seminyak Bali

I love this place! Very unique, romantic and cozy, I think it's better to reserved before you came here, we had no idea we were just walk pass by, and we were attracted. So, we give it a try. This place is really cozy, It is a spanish restaurant, I fell in love with this place <3 I think it is the best spanish restaurant in Seminyak! I would love to visit this place again <3

Foods also tasted yummy here, service was good, everything was Worth It! Much love for Lasal <3 ( read more at First and Second day at Bali )

  • Woo Bar, W hotel Bali

    A very cozy and beautiful place, It just we visit at the wrong time. The weather was too windy and hot! We spent time for 1-2 hours, walk to enjoy the sea breeze for a while and decided to leave. (

    The drinks are just perfect for the hot weather, freshen up us!
    The salad is a must! I forgot the name but it is delicious! hehe, I am such a veggie and bacon person <3 Love it!
    This place is Worth It! <3

    - More updates coming soon - 

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