Sunday, February 14, 2016

21 Months Together ( Short Trip to Bangkok )

Cheers for our 21 months being together!

 It was a coincidence that we went to Bangkok right on our 21 months date of being together. Hans bought me a sunglasses by my most favorite brand <3
Welcome my Dior Reflected! <3 Me Encanta!! <3

Our Short Trip to Bangkok

 This time we went to bangkok without planning to go anywhere, we were just bored and decided to meet up with my long lost best friend.
 Hans and I were having a great quality time together, He has always been the best companion for me. And Things do happen on this trip! like how desperate I was, by losing and finally found my 18th birthday gift from him! But I'm going to tell you how It happened on the next post, along with other activities on this trip. :p

 So nowwww, I'll be discussing about our fav dining place that we chose for our dinner for two days in Bangkok! We stroll around the same places for 3nights, and of course we went to the same place for food.
Hans and I really found the right place for us, a very seductive place, We had our dinner almost every night there. And we can't wait to come back again!

This place called The Kin Japanese Buffet Restaurant and Ramen or just The Kiin <3
Funny story when we're trying to find this restaurant, Hans and I lost on the Siam Centre and Siam Paragon for 2 hours! I'm serious, for 2 hours wandering around just to find this restaurant! I'm about to gave up but Hans was the one who be more excited than me to find this restaurant back then lol. Annoyed of course, but it's worth it!

 Now before I tell you how cheap this restaurant actually costs for a buffet, you might want to know that It located near the BTS, now which BTS? simply ask the information or securities BY SHOWING THEM GPS MAP or Google it! or you will get lost just like we did! They will direct you to whatever they heard, no matter how you spell 'the Kiin or Kine or Kiiin Japanese Restaurant' THEY HAD NO IDEA ABOUT IT BUT THEY WILL ACT LIKE THEY DO. :')
 This restaurant got lots of good reviews and It is sure recommended. P.S. Hans and I are die hard fans for Japanese cuisines. 

 We really love this place! Everything tastes fine <3 and most importantly, hygiene! Oh yeah, it only costs you around 500 baht - 600 baht / person
which is sooo cheap for a japanese cuisine buffet! It worth the price! It a must visit place for a japanese buffet lovers!

They also have desserts, mini size but so yummy, sweet and fresh! We finished 11 bowls after our big meal! <3

Highlights :

To be continued... 

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