Monday, March 21, 2016

21 Months Together ( Short Trip to Bangkok ) Part II

   Annie and I love to get supper before we go to sleep, and this sausage and fried rice that we get from 7 eleven nearby our hotel is the best supper food for us. The price is considerable cheap and the taste is really good especially the sausage.. If Annie didn't forbid me, I will eat two packs of the sausages everyday!

This is one of the famous pad thai in bangkok, is at sukhumvit soi 38. The pad thai is so tasty and well cooked. is really worth it to try and is not expensive too. Is quite crowded so you have to wait around 15 minutes to get this pad thai.

Everything else's fine, The thai fried rice and thai curry crab is fine.  You can also find it also at sukhumvit soi 38

But if you are bananas, bread, and eggs lovers. I don't know what this food call, it rolled up like err.. i have no idea. but this tasted delicious. sweet and addictive. served warm! worth a try!

 When we were at the airport waiting for the flight, I bought these two best milkshake for Annie and I at the coffee shop waiting gate ( Forgot the name ). Vanilla and Green tea, the milkshake is so sweet and not really thick so it's easy to drink. So far these are the best milkshake we have ever drink.

exhausted, so I was sleeping on her thigh while waiting our flight. I always do this with her when I was too sleepy and waiting for boarding.

I'm waiting for her to share her coconut drink, and exactly feeling her slurping that coconut drink 0.0


Annie lost her 18th birthday gift from me on the hotel, two days before we went back to Indonesia. She forgot to keep it, she left it beside the wastafel and decided not to wear it that day. meanwhile when we left the room, I ask for the make up room. At that day we also went back to our hotel, and didn't realize anything yet, that the necklace has gone.

 We didn't notice it until the next day afternoon. When we went out to the mall, Annie suddenly realize that she didn't wear her necklace and asked me " do you remember where did I put my necklace..? " I said " no, where did you put it last time ? " She can't remember anything at that time. This is the first time I saw her being anxious.

  I also feel anxious about the necklace, afraid that the make up room lady has make up the room, Which is obvious because it's already noon. But then, I decided to call our hotel to ask the reception not to clean up our room. But When we went back to our room, the make up room lady hasn't cleaned our room yet. So we started to look around. We were looking everywhere, clean up everything, look for under the chair and under the bed. Everywhere, but we found nothing. We both desperately trying to clam ourselves and try to remember where we did we put it last time. Then Annie started to remember that the last time she put it was on the wastafel yesterday, just before the make room clean up our room. Of course we knew it was hopeless. We also tried to ask the make up room and the reception but they found nothing. Annie tried to cheer me up, and We both tried to let it go and went outside to take a walk and went for dinner. Before we went out, I asked for the make up room lady to continue to make up our room. Annie was looking so disappointed but still gave her a warm smile and welcoming her. The make up room lady smiled back to her and says that she will help her to look for it later.

 We went back to the hotel at night, we both tidy up our stuff that we bought for two hours. and when I was sitting on the floor and clean up the plastic bags.. I FOUND IT! impossible! A miracle! I was so shocked so I shouted her name ask her to come over and see it!!
 I show her the necklace! She shouted happily '' GYAAAAAAAA!!!!! MY NECKLACE!!!! '' We celebrated it happily as if we just won a diamond necklace! But then we confused, how did the necklace appear to be on the place, on the floor that definitely we both search before, we even stroke the floor by our feet. But it appeared after we went to the room again? Sounds like a magic... until now we were still confused about it, But it doesn't matter anymore. The most important part is we found the necklace. Annie's wishes really granted by god!

 Because earlier when we're having our dinner, Annie felt so sad as I can see, She kept mentioning about the necklace and lost her mood, I thought a warm hug could comfort her, without I knowing, she was praying in her heart that if we found the necklace again, she promised not to be careless and clumsy about it anymore. She kept praying by herself and blaming herself until her mind reached the point to move on, but her heart still praying for hope from noon till night, until we finally get back to our room. and found the necklace!That's what she finally told me after we found the necklace. <3

 I can see it though, her facial when I show her the necklace...