Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mini getaway to Penang, Malaysia

 Hans and I went to Penang, Malaysia on March. 

 Of course we've ever visited this city before. This time we went for a medical checkup. It has been a long time since the last time we both visited this kwetiao city.

 Also, Since both of us had been so busy lately, we get harder to enjoy the time together. And this trip is somehow helping us to escape the stress in our life for a while. We both enjoyed this trip, We also had no troubles on languages or anything. It was a very relaxing trip. 

 Please excuse me for the late late late updates! I was lack of motivation.Lately, Hans and I have been facing a lot of troubles. We're also getting busy and busier.  Not to mention about the love sick, fever, and I've just got my wisdom teeth removed! ughh. Life has been quite scary to me recently. pfft. This too shall pass!
 Our flight was delayed for two hours! luckily we ordered food on our flight. So we're not starved to death before we land.

 After Touchdown! We went to the tokong ular temple, That was the first time I saw snakes with bare eyes! so close, SCARED of course. Took no photos, just see, strolling around and decided to leave. Can't describe much because all that I felt was only fear. lol.

 After that, we went directly to the famous kwetiao lorong selamat in Penang. 
Yum! If you ordered the seafood kwetiao, The shrimps in the kwetiao is really juicy! I loved it! but I think the kwetiao is too greasy, and the aunty that cook the kwetiao is not so friendly. 


Well, we can see that she's busy but she's being really loud to everybody. Rawr!  
The scallop something, I forgot what it called but it tasted so fine! soft and delicate! worth a try! We also ordered the special offer detox drinks. we picked the red color one, I forgot what it called. but I drank this before. tasted okay.


 After that, we went to the hotel to get some rest. On the afternoon, We went to a place named Lolipot! This place is really recommended from my long lost friends, because Lolipot serve a very cute giant bowl ramen. So, they drove us to this place. Aaandd.. Tadaaa..!

 This place is not so big, and warm. And yeah, the weather in Penang's really warm not sure if it stays this warm everyday or it's just the season matters.

 The ramen tasted fine, nothing special from the taste actually. But the giant bowl is really an attraction. 

 The ebi chawan mushi tasted fine. The curry rice set tasted not so good. I dislike penang's curry, they just tasted weird in my tongue. 

 After that, We drove half an hour to the penang hill for a while, and decided to come back on the next day. Because it was already 7pm? what an excuse. because we actually went there on 7pm too the next day. lol. Well, the details will be explained soon on the next post.

 Then we drove 1-2 hours to the straits quay. Hey, I really love this place! Romantic views, and cozy atmosphere. Nice walkways,lights,boats and yachts everywhere. Perfect for chilling with friends, family outing, or dating. Plenty of dining choices, bars and boutiques.

so much love for straits quay.

 After that, we went to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. They said this place is quite famous. Well, It is! This place is so crowded! So many delicious food stalls and also there's a street live band show? not a band. a singer of course! he can sing <3 our table was just next to him. He's really lovely and friendly, hope the best for him!

Pictures taken from my seat, while standing up.

We ate Har mee, Char Kwetiao, lok2, pare fish, etc! We forgot to take pictures of the other foods because we're so enjoying the moment! Worth a visit! Everything tasted so yummy here! And the sugarcane drinks are our favorite! Hans and I ordered 4 of it!

To be continued...

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