Friday, April 28, 2017

Our 3rd Birthday Celebration

Our 3rd Birthday Celebration ( Late Update )

Hello there! sorry for the late update. Hans and I are seriously on so many excuses for this past year. But, better late than never right? xoxo
Our Birthday Celebration is sure our favorite part of the year! so, Shall we just start the story telling? 

Annie's Birthday

 My, I have the best birthday celebration ever on 2016. It was my 20th Birthday!
not to mention the gifts I got from my parents and Hans. We also spent a quality time together, twice!
my birth date is in the middle between my older brother birth date and my papa's birth date! Which means it's a month full of love! 

 It was my 2nd brother's birthday celebration, we had our short trip to Malaysia for 4 days. 
But it was also secretly my chance to bought my birthday gifts! xoxo. 
the trip was all on my brother! Thanks for the treat, baby <3

 It was my parents, they allowed me to pick my birthday gift myself. Well, of course I gift myself my favorite thing, a purse! lol. Anyone probably has the same mind as I do at the first place (gotta pick the dream list thing!) but then, It was just in Malaysia. Nothing too much to expect, except I am willing to pay too much for a bag. Because I actually kind of regret that I purchased ''them'' in Malaysia by knowing my brother was going to Europe soon and even if my parents and Hans keep telling me not to mind at all, just because I am not selling any of ''those'' too. 

 So, It was the Miss Dior Promenade! A very lovely gift that made me spend 2 hours at Dior. I was caught in Dilemmas, I was about to pick up a small purse. short long story, The Miss Dior Promenade was the one that I crushed on. Luckily, I picked up the miss dior promenade, not the small diorama. I can't imagine how guilty I might be if I picked up a small diorama. Because It costs you 2 bags for 1 bag there. The Miss Dior Promenade only costs you around 1400 euros in Europe, and It costs you 9700++ rm :) #sorrynotsorry

 Meanwhile, Hans was about to bought me a Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Spring. I am into a mini backpack at that time! but it was Out of Stock, Too popular! I heard about it, that It was out of stock everywhere at that time. (It was obviously available at most of the time now)

 I told him that It was fine, I want nothing since it was out of stock. But he insisted, he walked me to the MCM. The color that I want also not available there, but then I was trying the cognac color. Cute! I love it, but I didn't say anything yet. I just asked him whether It's cute or not. Not even finish questioning yet, He asked the SA to wrap it up for us. OMG! Happy, shocked and confused at the same time.. But sooooo grateful! He loved me eh lol.
 The MCM costs friendly there, It costs around 500-600 usd in Korea, and It's 790 usd in Malaysia. It was totally fine.

 That was about my lovely birthday gifts that I love love love. Now, On my 20th Birthday!
  I feel so happy that I am turning 20, no longer -teen, Even I am still not legal to enter any Casinos yet. Lol

I had a lovely dinner with my family! Full Team! Papa, Mama, my 2 lovely brothers, and Hans 

That night was one of the best night that I had on 2016 ( Lost tons of my pictures )

Hans' Birthday

 We Celebrate Hans Birthday on Sushi Tei and privately this year. A sweet and simple celebration, because we were busy planning on road trip for days. I made him a cake that I cannot find the picture!! I lost it since My last phone died.
 Hans' birthday is only 2 days before my mom's birthday which is cute! lol. That's also the reason we simplified his birthday celebration this year during the busy road trip planning we had.

On July, we had a friends-family trip with his family. We went to Balige, North Sumatera in Indonesia. 

This place has a great view, and we spent great time there!