Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trip to Dubai | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha #3

 Trip to Dubai | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha #3

 Mall Of The Emirates ( DUBAI VLOG #3 | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha  )

 Who build an indoor ski resort and snow park in the middle of desert? here comes the first Middle East's indoor ski resort and snow park. 500 seats capacity Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, Magic planet and one of the largest indoor family entertainment centre in Dubai.


We always had a great morning. We had our breakfast at the same place for 4 days, at Eat and Drink Flora al Barsha. The owner is really friendly and lovely towards us, we always had a good laugh and chit chat every morning . It was a super best service from him! If you ever visit the eat and drink at Al Barsha, around Flora Al Barsha! Don't forget to visit this place, the food is good, especially the Mutton soup! I love it so much!!! so yum!!! 

 After we had our breakfast, we went to the mall of emirates. The first time we reached the mall of emirates, It was a wow! The stupid thing is our right side was exactly The Dubai Ski, but we were so excited that we walk straight to the left without seeing around. We have forgotten about the Dubai Ski until we're about to walk back to our hotel and we were shocked! the Dubai Ski was just on the right side from our entrance door! We enter the Mall from The kempinski hotel.

 We had a good time, we shop for a few goods. And I was looking for the bags and sunglasses too that I was looking before at Singapore, sold out and blah blah. But, It didn't upset me at all since I was distracted a lot by the moments we had in the mall. And yeah, the Dior lip tattoo launched but they only have 4 color options, so I only pick one of them. And, all of us do know that the full color options launched in Korea, and I am over excited that my next destination is on POINT!! I will be coming back to Korea this summer! which is on his birthday! I want to try everything, literally everything at the Mall of Emirates! 

 Also, I got a lot of compliments on my silver chrome nails since I was at Singapore, girls are so flirty with my nails lol. I love them too! 

 Watch our DUBAI VLOG #3 | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha  ( leave comments,subscribe and click thumbs up if you love it! )

 I love Dubai! After 4 hours stroll at the mall, we went back to our hotel. We decided to spend our free time at the Gym and the cafe at our hotel. 

 So, did we really spend our time at the gym? I did! 5 minutes playing and 15 minutes chit chatting with people and 5 minutes vlogging and we're out! ( DUBAI VLOG #3 | Mall Of The Emirates | Al Barsha  )

 We spent the night at the cafe for 1 hour, actually hans was using the business centre and it was located on the cafe's corner. The scent of the famous Jamaican coffee was all over my nose, so we decided to have a cup of coffee, and we stroll around our hotel at night. We went to the ZOOM, to buy groceries. We didn't realize the prices in ZOOM is considered standard to expensive, since It was our first time went to groceries, I bought not so many things. snacks and chocolate dates that cost us around 800 uae dirhams. It was only 4 premium chocolate dates and 6 bags of their local snacks. and If you ever visiting the ZOOM, note that most of the things in ZOOM didn't show their price tag.
( I would do better next time, I didn't took a lot of pictures because I forgot, I posted on my instagram stories instead and It's gone after 24 hours, POOF! sorryyyy ) check out my instagram to keep you the latest update of my life at Annie Junita

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