Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trip to Dubai, Transit to Singapore Changi Airport #1

Trip to Dubai

 We have planned to go to Dubai for skydives, desert tour, etc since last year but we thought it will be fun to do it after marriage for honeymoon. Then, we saw so many tempting advertising that made us cannot wait any longer, so we decided to go to Dubai on my birthday since we didn't have any plans yet for my birthday this year. So, we decided to book the ticket on June around 10 to 20. But, Dubai is on Ramadan / Ramadon starts from 26-27 May until 25 - 26 June and the weather is extremely hot. It was peak season of the summer, and most of their entertainment places closed during the Holy month which made us book our ticket to the City of Gold earlier, on May. We chose the best date and month to avoid our hectic schedules and finally we decided to start our trip on 9 may.

We transit to Singapore, before we finally catch our flight to Dubai.
We strolled around the city, and we make friends with a lot of people. We were so lucky to met a lot of friendly people! They're so lovely.

Our first stop? The Ippudo, located inside the Mandarin Orchard.
Hungry babies want to eat!

And we went to LV and Chanel boutiques, I was looking for my birthday present from myself and from him but none of what I wanted were on stocks! I even went to Dior to look for Dior Lip tattoo which they just launched but It was still unavailable at Singapore! what a life! The LV SA told me that what I was looking for is still so rare and limited, and the Chanel SA told me that what I was looking is no longer available worldwide! SOLD. THANKYOU :')
So, I was thinking is there any chances I will find what I want in Dubai? the percentages was too low.

Moving on,
We had our dinner at the airport, before we catch our flight to Dubai. We met nice people from different countries, Pakistan, UAE, Australia, we chat and laughed a lot!!! and make temporary best-friends!
 The Pakistan and UAE friends were our favorite!! We had the best time ever! love it! I miss them tho........
That's the moment  when we realized we're about to have the best time to spend on this trip!

 Visit our Dubai Vlog #1 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcGwUEBY9Zw&t=16s
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