Wednesday, October 11, 2017



Things that we do at the Dubai Desert ; )

 We chose the Dubai Desert Tour that provided by Platinum Heritage Dubai. The tour has many options ; Hot air balloons ride, Helicopters, Desert Safari Tours, even for wedding proposals and etc.

 We chose a private package desert tour; decided to ride the camels for around 40-45 minutes, There are some options offered, whether you wanted to ride the camels for a longer time or experiencing the sand dunes bashing. And, the options come with different prices. You can check the prices at their website.

 Our pick up time was supposed to be around 3 pm, But they announced us that they delayed for 30 minutes at the day. At first, I thought we booked the private package that means we will go on the tour with only the two of us. But, we head to the desert with another two group of people, which was really nice. Because we were able to make friends. It took us almost 1 hour before we arrived at the desert, Hans saw a lot of attractions and heard a lot of stories ( I was sleeping in the car ), like how the locals pet the camels for racing and sell them with a very very high price. It can reach million and billion dollars. 

 When we arrived, we're separated with our friends because we booked the different tour packages. It was a very warm welcome, Our tour guide put on our Jilbab! so lovely, I love how I look with the jilbab tho Click here! To see our Dubai Desert Vlogs

 We have like a few minutes to play around before we finally get our turn to ride the camels! The camel man was so friendly! We were so happy that we met a lot of friendly and nice people for the whole trip here! 

 We saw a bettle moving a rock while we were riding the camels! too cute, That was the first time I saw a bettle moving a rock! We also took videos and pictures for a few times. The Camel man helped us a lot without even asking, he knew us so well!! and The fact that the camel man asked and let us chose to ride the front camel made me really happy! I am so touched! 

 For 40-45 minutes, The second camel behind us, keeps on pushing our feet. Instead of being scared, we pat the camel's head! She's just too cute and clingy! I love camels!!

 After we arrived at the second drop point to watch a Falcon show, we were welcome with a warm towel and a champagne!

 Hans and I were such a busy body, we were the last to receive the warm towels and champagnes just because we were wandering around playing with the camels! And I love the feeling to run at the dessert, I almost tripped twice but I was too happy, and I can tell you I am not the only one who runs when we reached the second drop point! It just, I was the only one who run back and forth! lol

 While watching the falcon show, we took pictures and videos. It's a very cool show with the sunset ambience and views at the desert! Totally the best way to spend a weekend!

 After the Falcon show, we ride an unique Land Rover Vintage to our bedouin-style camp! We reunited with our friends! I swear even the ride to the camp, made me happy! 
 After we arrived, They explained about the cultures, entertainment and all the foods that they provided at the camp.

 We had a great party at the desert, accompanied by delicious meals and drinks!! I had my Henna tattoo which I love so much! We even make more friends with the locals and another tourists! They also provided a free shisha, but we didn't try it. lol

 There're lots of dance shows, my favorite is the fire dance! We were outside the camp, no lights, no flashes, no nothing just the fire dance, music and The BEAUTIFUL STARS!! 

 It's impossible for our cameras to take a picture of the skies that full of stars, I just don't know why! But it's really so beautiful, so shiny, so romantic! I don't know how many times I almost teared up that day, I was so emotional! I can't move on from that day!

 We had fun and went back to our hotel at 11 pm, Our group were the last to leave the camp! Had a hard feeling to leave the place! 

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