Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 Bur Dubai, Dubai

 It's a peaceful city at some points. But, it can be scary at some point too.
I was in Dubai for a week, I didn't find any flaws from the city before I went to Bur Dubai.


To answer all of the rumors about scamming in Dubai, Here is my story.

 Based on my experience, Dubai is absolutely the most safest place on earth, and if you stay anywhere just not the Bur Dubai, you will be fine. Zero criminals, zero scams no nothing.

 It's a little bit different at Bur Dubai, especially the gold souks or an kind of souks there. People are so scary at some points, especially if you are a tourist.

 They love money more than anything, they will do anything to make you hand out your money. I think life is hard for them at some point that has made them do this.
 I was really upset by them, I went to the gold souks for fun but ended up traumatized.

 We rode the abra boat to reach the souks,
 We had just arrived, and we had met a guy that tried to scam us, he ended up crying a lot, shed some fake tears just to make sure I purchase his product with a very unreasonable price. Vlogs on my youtube, check

I am not saying that you should not visit The souks at Bur Dubai, If you are fine with bargaining or any like so, you can visit there.
I was so pissed off that time, but as I look back, It was okay. A lesson to learn!

 Mutton Livers at Bur Dubai. ( 7/10)

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