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Annie Junita & Hans Alexander

Annie Junita

 Hello, my name is Annie Junita. I was born in 1996.
I am a public Introvert and private Extrovert. I am really good at describing feelings. My hobbies are baking, singing, and blogging, I love writing a lot, It helps me to express my feelings. Blogging about personal life stories to me is just like writing a diary, It just I have to represent it to be more formal and understandable for readers. I enjoyed blogging so much, and I hope my blogs can inspire people.

This blog has two authors. This blog is about Personal Life Stories of myself and Hans, I also blog about things that has to do with distance relationship. I started this website at August 2014, I was blogging about my own drawings and cake recipes.
 Until one day, I posted Hans' drawing for me. And that's how it started, We decided to blog more about the long distance relationship. We were just about to find activities to do together when we're not around each other, and so far, blogging is really a good idea.
 I am so happy to receive emails from our members and readers, they're supportive and inspiring. I would love to keep in touch with all of them. Thank you so much!

 Hans Alexander

 Hi, my name is Hans Alexander. I was born in 1992
I am a public Introvert and private Extrovert person. And I am good at doing silly things.
My hobbies are all about sports and vehicles, especially Basketball and Cars. I follow every news about NBA and new cars. I really enjoyed playing, watching basketball and also watching tv shows about cars, especially the best and my favorite tv show ever " TOP GEAR ". 

This is the first time I am blogging, and I am enjoying it so much because I really love sharing my love life with Annie. I am not really good at writing, but Annie really helps me a lot to improve my writing skills. And this blog is one of our activities to spend time together when we were apart, and I really love it. At first we didn't expect that there would be so much readers, but I am so happy that we found lots of people really like our blog and we also received many emails from them. They are really supporting us to keep writing about this blog. Thank you for all of our readers! We would always keep in touch with you. bye byeee :D

 Facts About Us :
  • We love doing things together and we get involved in planning new ideas for it easily.
  • We love doing silly things together at everywhere and in anytime when we are together
  • We do selfies whenever we remember, especially in the car while waiting for the traffic light,traffic jam or waiting for something else.
  • We are eating machine
  • We never run out of topics to talk
  • We love teasing each other
  • We laugh for no reason especially for the awkwardness
  • We always,always and always involved candid in our photo sessions simply because we tease each other and laugh about everything
  • We totally complete each other
  • We share the different hobbies and we ended up love them (Annie enjoys watching the Top Gear even she is not into watching anything and Hans do a blogging even he is not good at writing)

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/anniejunita
Inquiries : Blogger Contact Form or Annie Junita

❤️ Hans & Annie ❤️

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